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She’s rehabbed dogs that are aggressive, insecure, fearful, anxious, hyper and reactive.

Kerry is a passionate and talented dog trainer and it’s a joy to watch her work! She has an innate ability to see the world from a dog’s perspective. She knows exactly what each animal needs in order to reach their potential and can vary her training approach for each individual dog. She has worked […]

After the FIRST session with Brett we understood why Napoli is so reactive

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I recently adopted a loving 2-year-old Lhasa Apso/terrior mix dog from a rescue and, with exception to taking walks, he was a dream. About two weeks after adopting my dog, he suddenly refused to climb hills or walk about 100 paces away from my apartment without protesting. After a single one-on-one home visit from Brett, […]

The difference we’ve seen in his behavior is nothing short of amazing.

My husband and I adopted a mixed breed dog named Jamo while we were overseas several years ago and he’s been a delight to have with one major exception: he has pretty serious leash aggression. When he sees another dog while he’s being walked on leash, he cannot control himself and acts out in a […]

The Calm K9 Success Stories

She Sat Right Away… Angel is doing great! Thanks for everything. It’s amazing how calm when people come over or when we’re heading out for a walk. And today we met two dogs along the way. She sat right away and never even whimpered as they walked by. -Rebecca Whitney I would SWEAR you replaced […]

More Dog Training Tips and Ideas Here…..

I am sure there have been times when you as a dog owner becomes increasingly frustrated with your dog. Your dog doesn’t want to obey your commands and do as you say. Even with trying to coax your canine, sometimes it still does not work leaving you hopeless! All dogs have behavioral problems. It does […]

Do you want to train your dog now… or next week?

Having a dog is unlike having any other pet. When you have a dog you must get interested in the training process. If you hate the thought of dog training a goldfish may be a better choice. You see, training is always happening. You are either training your dog or your dog is training you. […]

Cure For The Reactive Dog

Years ago I worked as a private investigator for a large security firm out of Boston. My job was to work at different businesses undercover to root out any theft or illegal activities. The job required socializing with employees to find out who was stealing or dealing drugs. One night I was at a house […]