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More businesses using text marketing

This holiday season, as I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping, I’ve noticed that there have been more and more businesses trying to get my phone number. They want to start sending me texts. And guess what. It actually works! Almost every business that asks for my number so they can send me deals gets it! […]

Planning For A Meeting-Let The Professionals Manage The Task

Corporate’s, companies and politicians all have meetings at some time during the year. Most believe that they can manage such matters without any difficulty. Planners within these organizations look forward to cutting down on costs by utilizing the services of their staff. People who have the experience easily manage such meetings without a difficulty. However […]

The Connection between Dental Health And Bad Breath

In medical terminology bad breath is often referred to as halitosis and results from poor dental health habits. It can also be a sign of other health issues. Halitosis is sometimes irritated by the type of foods that people have apart from unhealthy habits within his or her lifestyle. The food that is generally used […]

Mobile marketing facts that amaze

In the marketing world, mobile marketing is dominating the scene. Marketers will tell you just how important it is for businesses to get into mobile marketing. If you still have doubts however, look at the statistics and let the numbers speak for themselves. Mobile marketing stats Here’s a few statistics about mobile marketing: · 91% […]

Mobile is changing, so should your business

The year 2013 was a big one for mobile. It saw the unveiling of multi colored iPhones, smart watches, and even Google Glass. These new devices are new and exciting for consumers. They have sleek designs and operate on groundbreaking technology. But these new devices should be equally exciting to business owners. That’s because they […]

The Mobile Phone – A Vital Organ

Though we aren’t born with a cell phone, it has become a part of everyday life for almost all people. Kids these days won’t even know what it was like to have a phone tied against the wall in the kitchen, having to share with family, or not being able to take a phone with […]

Network-Intensive Applications

There are a few desktop Grid applications that are not CPU or data intensive; they use other resources available on the compute node. The execution time is not limited by processing speed, the amount of available memory, or communication times but by the availability of these resources. The network is one of these resources. Malicious […]