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Things To Look for When Deciding to Purchase A Log Home

Many people own log homes, and you too could be looking forward to joining the list. The charm of a place throughout the countryside with fresh air blowing throughout the day is something that you would find extremely desirable. However, there are a number of things, which you will be required to consider before you […]

How to Keep Rot Away from Your Log Home

Keeping rot away from your log home should be one of your biggest concerns if you have invested money in such a place. Wood is susceptible to rotting because of water splashing down from the roof. It will not be easy for you to manage such matters unless you have the place in an area, […]

Useful Information About Emerald Ash Borer Prevention

Over 7.5 billion ash trees found in the USA and Canada are presently being threatened by the emerald ash borer (EAB). Prevention of Emerald Ash Borer is therefore an issue that is in the mind of people who are growing this kind of plants on their land. So as to know how to prevent this […]

Climate in Florida

Florida is a tourist state. The Sunshine State! Florida’s economy depends upon pleasant climate. The principal aspects affecting Florida’s weather are latitude and several interior lakes. Propinquity to the Gulf of Mexico and the currents of the Atlantic Ocean also contribute key responsibility. The dynamic energy generating Florida’s conditions is the broad circulation of the atmosphere, which is […]

Energy Conservation and Efficiency

The energy audit of the envelope is especially important for residential buildings. Indeed, the energy use from residential buildings is dominated by weather since heat gain and/or loss from direct conduction of heat or from air infiltration or exhilaration through building surfaces accounts for a major portion (50% to 80%) of the energy consumption. For commercial buildings, improvements […]

Learn About The Emerald Ash Borer in Wisconsin

The Emerald Ash Borer is also known as the Agrilus Planipennis. It was first found in the month of June in 2002 in Michigan. This insect is related to the metallic wood boring beetle that is also called Buprestidae and attacks ash. It can kill a tree in under a year when the population of […]