Anonymous Agony

Anonymous Agony managed to be very popular in a short time thanks to its amazing storyline. It was developed by Coded Emotion and released on June 19, 2019. Anonymous Agony stands out in the competition easily, compared to other games with the same graphics and quality. 

In fact, the team behind the game is pretty small, yet they managed to create a professional game. This episodic story game is available on Steam for $0,99. If you are looking for a game where you play as a serial killer, you may want to check Anonymous Agony out.

Anonymous Agony Overview

In the Anonymous Agony, you are going to control a serial killer whose sister was sexually assaulted online. Your main goal is to trick people online, invite them to your home and then murder them. However, you are not going to control the serial killer all the time.

You will also play as a child psychologist, who is treating the sister of the main character. This means that you are going to play two different storylines simultaneously, which makes the game more and more interesting. You will also learn more about psychology when you try to trick people into killing them.

Anonymous Agony Editor Rating: 3/5

If you have enough time and enjoy combining pieces, then you can play Anonymous Agony and love it a lot! Thanks to its fascinating concept, the game can appeal to many crime story lovers. It offers a modern and episodic gameplay to players. Thus it can be a great choice for many players. 

It is worth noting that indie game lovers are going to enjoy the graphics too. We can summarize the genre of the game as the combination of simulation, role-playing, action, and adventure. When considering the number of games released every month, this game can be the ideal choice for those who are looking for a successful plot and well-thought storyline.

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