Chainsaw Man Dance

Chainsaw Man Dance is a rhythm-based indie game similar to Friday Night Funkin, but you are dancing instead of rapping here. Developed by Benedique, Chainsaw Dance is developed by inspiring the Chainsaw Man Manga series. Let’s get into it and play without download.

Chainsaw Man Dance Overview

Chainsaw Man Dance is a short rhythm game developed by inspiring the Japanese manga series Chainsaw Man written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Initially released on indie game platform on January 16, 2021, Chainsaw Dance is a rhythm-based game. Obviously, the game was developed by inspiring another rhythm-based game, famous Friday Night Funkin, and has some songs in common with FNF.

You will go on a date with the Chainsaw Man in the story of this game. However, it is hard to understand what he is saying. So, you will aim to survive this dangerous date.


How To Play Chainsaw Dance?

Like we mentioned earlier, this game was inspired by the Japanese manga series. So, it’s using the manga’s main characters Denji and Koben. You’ll choose your character, pick a song, and select the easy or hard mode for each track. Now, you are ready to dance in front of the Chainsaw Man.

Gameplay is similar to Friday Night Funkin. But, you are playing with the “DJKL” instead of arrow keys. To navigate the menu, use your mouse, and to pause the game, press ESC.

Play Chainsaw Man Dance Online

Chainsaw Man Dance Download

Did you like the game? You can also download it and play it whenever you want. Due to it is a fan-made indie game, Chainsaw Man Dance is available for free on But, it would be good to support the developer, wouldn’t it? You can encourage the developer Benedique, make him happy by supporting his great effort and the future project Anti-Makima Squad.

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