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Friday Night Funkin’ is a fun game where you get into a rhythm battle against your hot girlfriend’s ex-rockstar father and mother. You try to defeat Father and Mother by pressing the arrow keys at the right time. We have reviewed this game in our previous article. Friday Night Funkin Download is one of the most wondered issues among FNF Fans. Let’s find out where to get Friday Night Funkin download links.

If you wish, you can read Game Review – Friday Night Funkin’ for more information about the game. If you have read the article and decided to download the game, you can find the FNF download links in this article.

Friday Night Funkin Download
Friday Night Funkin Download PC 3

Friday Night Funkin Download

Friday Night Funkin’ is a game developed and published by Newgrounds users ninjamuffin99, independent game developers, so it is not available on platforms like Steam or Epic Games. The developers of Friday Night Funkin’ made the game downloadable on, an Indie Game platform.

Unfortunately, you cannot play Friday Night Funkin’ on platforms other than PC. But, the good news is, you can download Friday Night Funkin’ for Windows 64 bit, Windows 32 bit, macOS, and Linux 64 bit.

You can download Friday Night Funkin’ for your operating system (OS) from their official website.

Friday Night Funkin Multiplayer

There is also a multiplayer version of ‘Friday Night Funkin’ that you can play with your friend. The first player can fight with the arrow keys and the second player with the WASD keys against each other. We tried the game in the office, and I have to mention it’s a really fun game. Moreover, in this version, you can choose the characters you want. You can download Friday Night Funkin ‘Multiplayer’ here. For your consideration, FNF Multiplayer is only available for Windows OS. 

fnf download
Friday Night Funkin Download PC 4

Friday Night Funkin’ Online

If you thought about “Friday Night Funkin online,” where you can play online with your friend like me, unfortunately, you were wrong. I wish there was a version that we could play with our friends online, but there isn’t. However, you can play the game for one person online, without downloading, on a browser. To play Friday Night Funkin online, visit the game’s official website.

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