10 Best Binding of Isaac Items

Despite Binding of Isaac being released back in 2011, it is still popular, and players love it! We cannot blame them since we are big fans too. As you know, each dungeon is unique in Binding of Isaac. The game generates a new dungeon for each time you play it.

In addition to this, there are multiple endings in the game. This encourages players to play the game over and over again. It is simply because Binding of Isaac offers a unique and fun adventure no matter how many times you play. Thus, we have compiled some of the best Binding of Isaac items for you!

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Binding of Isaac Items

10 Best Binding of Isaac Items

Just like in all games, items matter a lot in Binding of Isaac too. If you want to eliminate all your opponents in the dungeons, then you need to keep the best items. Therefore, we have picked the 10 best Binding of Isaac Items in the game. Make sure that you always use the following items for a fun gaming experience.

  1. Sinus Infection
    • This is the best item in the game that infects the target for 60 seconds. You can max out its power with the bonus damage upgrades too.
  2. Eye of Belial
    • Eye of Belial lets your skills piece your enemies and their damage will be multiplied for each pierced enemy!
  3. Tarot Cloth
    • Tarot cloth has an amazing perk! It helps you to multiply the effect of any rune or card you find by two!
  4. Sacred Heart
    • Sacred Heart is a defensive item that restores your health to the maximum and provides one Heart Container.
  5. Magic Mushroom
    • Magic Mushroom is very similar to Sacred Heart. Besides the same advantages, it also boosts your stats.
  6. Brimstone
    • Brimstone helps you to convert your tears to laser beams! Moreover, it can pass through the obstacles.
  7. Tech X
    • Tech X damages enemies located at the center and the edges of the circle created in the dungeon.
  8. Spelunker Hat
    • Spelunker Hat is an amazing item that allows players to discover secret rooms on the dungeons for additional loot.
  9. Prayer Card
    • Prayer Card can be a life-saving item. Players will enjoy a maximized Heart Container when they proceed to the next ungeon. Keep in mind that you need to use it in advance.
  10. Magneto
    • Magneto, which is also known as an item snatcher, has a great feature! It pulls the items towards you! Keep in mind that additional enemies may come with the items.

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