3 New Videos Published For Bethesda’s Sci-Fi Game Starfield

Three new videos hav been published from Starfield, Bethesda’s upcoming open-world sci-fi game.

Starfield, the open-world game published and developed by Bethesda and set in space, was announced in 2018 and we saw its first trailer at E3 2021 in the past months. We reviewed the game after it was announced, if you wish, you can get more information about the Starfield by reading this article.

When it comes to a new universe, being able to convey this universe to the players in a way is also an important part of marketing efforts. For this, Bethesda published three new videos that are really excited us. These videos allow us to take a closer look at three different regions of the game, New Atlantis, Neon and Akila.

You can also hear the comments of the game’s design director, Emil Pagliarulo. You can watch the aforementioned videos below.

Starfield Location Insights – New Atlantis

You can see in the video how the capital of the United Colonies, New Atlantis, looks and has a structure.

Starfield Location Insights – Neon

Built on an old fishing platform, Neon looks like a pleasure city in the middle of the ocean.

Starfield Location Insights – Akila

Akila, on the other hand, is a city among the three star systems that seems less tech-based. It is the capital of the Freestar Collective.

Starfield will release for Xbox Series and PC on November 11, 2022. It will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. According to previous statements, the game will focus on the RPG side.

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