5 Reasons To Buy Rise of Humanity

Rise of Humanity is a tactical turn-based card battler set in a dystopian future where an AI has taken over the world. The game is in early access and comes out on October 21, 2021. It is single-player and, for now, only on Steam for 20 bucks. It has a decent story and interesting gameplay. In this review, we will be giving you five reasons to buy Rise of Humanity. 

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Outstanding Graphics 

First for me (and probably for most gamers in general), I will be talking about graphics. The game’s recommended graphics card (GPU) is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX960. For early access, the graphics are astonishing. The details of the surroundings and characters are very well done, and even though the effects aren’t the best, they do a good job of creating the atmosphere. Also, attack and skill animations are quite good compared to similar games in this genre. 

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The Gameplay Experience the Game Offers

As we can say, its gameplay is pretty similar to XCOM, which is an iconic game in the turn-based strategy genre. It is very well paired with deck-building mechanics, which adds a new style to the game. For now, there are 2 modes: Story Mode and Daily Challenge Mode. It can be hard at the beginning, but as you progress by failing or trying new combos, you can find yourself learning and adapting to the game. 

The Developer Team Behind The Game

Since it was released in early access on October 21, 2021, the developer team has been listening to their players’ feedback and improving the game on many levels. Patches, bug fixes, and new content have always been in flux. Considering it is in early access, it’s very good to see a positive relationship between gamers and devs. As we were writing this review, they announced a new update that will be coming out on March 31, 2022, that will add a new enemy type, character, and a whole new map to play in. 

Mission Variety in the Rise of Humanity 

The game offers different types of missions and actions in the gameplay. This makes the game very challenging if we think about the game’s mechanics. You can move your character in certain ways, and every character has different abilities. The game can be fun for a while. But after learning more about the characters, it can get boring. However, in this game, it’s hard to say that. Because side missions and daily challenges always keep you in the game. So we think this is an important aspect of the game. 

5 Reasons To Buy Rise of Humanity ss

The Price of the Game

Last but not least, as an EA game, it’s $20. This may sound a bit much, but as we stated, the game has a lot to offer. There are new mechanics to the turn-based genre, a decent number of combo possibilities, constant updates, and player feedback, and it’s got pretty good graphics. As we were searching for a new strategy game, we wanted to give a chance to a newly developed game, and to our surprise, the game was impressive. So, as a fellow gamer, we recommend you try this growing, hopeful game.

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