A New Free-to-Play MMORPG Arena of Kings

Arena of Kings is an amazing MMORPG and MOBA combination that offers a unique gaming experience to players. While you have the freedom of MMORPG games, you are going to brawl with your enemies in maps. Thus, we believe it will be quite appealing for many role-playing video game lovers.

The best part of Arena of Kings is to be completely free-to-play on Steam. In addition to this, it offers plenty of game modes such as tournament, ranked, or casual matches. Thus, we believe that we are going to see international tournaments of Arena of Kings soon.

Arena of Kings In a Nutshell

Arena of Kings is one of the amazing games developed and released by Villain Games LLC on December 17, 2021. With its great gameplay and mechanics, it seems like it is going to be one of the most promising MMORPG games. In our opinion, this game has the potential to be popular as League of Legends with its international tournaments soon.

You play 3vs3 with the custom hero you are going to create. You also can choose between ten classes and customize your heroes the way you want. It requires raw skills in its fast-paced environment. Strategy and teamwork matter a lot in this great game.


You have to create your hero first, and you have ten classes to choose from. It is a free-to-play game, and all classes are offered for free. There are no hidden fees or features that only players who play the game can access. After creating your hero and customizing it, you can party up with your friends and compete against other teams.

You can also play the game alone if you want. The game will put you in one of its random teams and let you enjoy it without any limitations. There are three modes that you can play within the game. These are casual, ranked, and tournament modes.

Why Should You Play Arena of Kings?

Arena of Kings offers unique gameplay, which is one of its kind. It combines MMORPG with the MOBA genre, and thus, it is quite attractive and interesting. Players can also loot their enemies and find new items or weapons to wear.

With so many customization options, Arena of Kings makes you able to create your dream hero. Of course, we should not forget the fact that there are ten classes that you can choose from. Since it is completely free to play, you will not lose anything by giving it a try.

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