An Interview With OUTER TERROR’s Developers, Salt & Pixel

During the early stages of OUTER TERROR, which is going to be the first game published by VoxPop Games, we sat down and talked about all the things you may want to learn about the game with Brandon Rodriguez from Salt & Pixel LLC, the developer of the game.

In this interview, we talked about OUTER TERROR’s story, graphics, in-game features, characters, villains, and much more. Stay tuned to LawodIndieWod, and VoxPop Games to learn more about OUTER TERROR.

OUTER TERROR Lawod ss Story
In OUTER TERROR, each level will have its own short story.

LawodYou described the world as very chaotic. As Lawod, we wondered: Will there be a storyline that the player follows throughout the game? Or will the player learn the story piece by piece on every map with small easter eggs and dialogue?

Brandon RodriguezEach level will have its own short story with unique circumstances. I don’t want to take away from the arcade nature of the game, so I want to tell those stories through gameplay and interactions. 

LawodThe game’s picture on the official website looks like the game will have DOOM-like graphics. Will the game have retro visuals?

Brandon RodriguezYes, I love pixel art. It’s a mix of billboard and 3D. I took a “retro” approach by limiting colors for the sprites and buildings.

Outer Terror Lawod
Pixel Art visuals of OUTER TERROR

LawodMost level-based horror games are repayable. Picking different guns, routes, and characters allows players to experience the game in many ways. Will the game offer this variety?

Brandon RodriguezThere is level generation, randomization, and new assets to unlock. I’m looking into sandbox features too. That helps with the replayability. But I really want to lean into the “anthology” aspect of the game. I’m working toward making it easier, for me, to upload new content and stories into the game. 

LawodYou mentioned powers on the official website. Are they similar to superpowers, like fireballs, teleportation, etc.? Or are they more like skills or perks, such as higher movement speed and increased maximum health?

Brandon RodriguezMore like supernatural powers. There are artifacts or enchantments in the game that add improvements to your character and weapons. 

Outer Terror Lawod ss Characters
There will be 10 characters in the game.

LawodThere will be 10 characters in the game. Is the character system based on classes (DPS, tank, assassin, etc.)? Or are they just cosmetic?

Brandon RodriguezThe characters will have different stats, and how they handle their main weapon will be unique to them. They also have a special ability.

LawodThe boss battle sounds fun as well as scary. Many games in this genre offer small bosses that annoy you along the way. A Dark Souls-style end-game boss could be fun and unique. So, are the boss battles about shooting and dodging until the monster dies? Or shoot and run while trying to reach the end of the level? 

Brandon RodriguezIt will depend on the scenario the characters are in. One level may have an end boss with patterns or move sets, but the entire next level may be a boss. There will also be plenty of mini-bosses to destroy during your exploration.

LawodWe are glad to hear that the maps will be massive. And we wonder, how many maps will there be? Will they be linear? Or are we going to be able to explore the map more freely? 

Brandon RodriguezDepending on the story, you’ll be able to explore the map at will. Also, depending on the story, exploring the map might cost you. Currently, there are 5 stories, but I’d like to get a few more out after launch and keep it going.

LawodAs a horror fan website, we love challenges in horror games. Generally, there are three or four difficulties. How many difficulty options will there be? And considering the game is about discovering and killing monsters along the way, how will the difficulty change the gameplay? Will the materials be scarcer? Or are enemies more powerful?

Brandon RodriguezDifficulty is on a sliding scale. So, the longer into a playthrough, the harder it gets. There are curses and blessings that affect how you will play. Enemies will also scale with the player. You might come upon a creature you’re not prepared for.

LawodThe game art you released looks fantastic. We saw two monsters in them. Are they the bosses in the game?

Brandon RodriguezMaybe. You’ll have to find out.

Outer Terror Lawod ss 1 1

That’s pretty much everything we talked about OUTER TERROR with Brandon Rodriguez, the game’s developer. We would like to thank Marc Anthony Rodriguez from VoxPop Games for this amazing opportunity.

If you want to check out the gameplay footage of OUTER TERROR and learn how to play it by watching How-To-Session-1 and How-To-Session-2 on VoxPop Games’ official YouTube channel.

OUTER TERROR is now available to add to your wishlist on VoxPop Games and Steam. The game is expected to be released before the end of 2022. When the game is released, you’ll find a review on Lawod and IndieWod. In the meantime, make sure you follow Lawod and IndieWod on Twitter and keep visiting our websites to learn more about OUTER TERROR and discover more games like this.

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