An Upcoming Action-Puzzle Metroidvania GigaSword Preview

Do you miss the old 8-bit games and their atmosphere? If so, you are going to love GigaSword! This is a next-generation 8-bit game that will take you back to your old but good times. Moreover, we bet you have never played such a beautiful action-puzzle Metroidvania game before!

You will take the huge sword that weighs you down, and nothing will be able to stop you from completing your objective! Your objective? It is to stop the cataclysm. With hundreds of creatures and monsters, numerous puzzles, and old-school graphics, a great adventure is waiting for you!

GigaSword preview

GigaSword is one of the promising action-puzzle Metroidvania games that is currently being funded on Kickstarter. It is a great combination of many successful games, such as Axiom Verge, The Legend of Zelda, and Shovel Knight! Here are some of the prominent features of this fun game!

A great story full of bravery

You are going to take control of an orphan called Ezra. This poor young man finds himself in the middle of a cataclysm, and he must stop it to save mankind! You will meet plenty of new characters, listen to amazing stories, and enjoy your time.

Plenty of new mechanics and abilities await

GigaSword is not the straightforward 8-bit game that you know. The game is full of hidden rooms, traps, and long drops. As you keep progressing, you will learn new skills and methods to overcome the challenges you are going to face in the tower.

Challenging puzzles

Muscle will not solve every problem in GigaSword. You also need to use your mind to overcome your challenges by solving various puzzles. These puzzles will resemble the ones in the Legend of Zelda.

Kill all the demons!

GigaSword offers a great hack and slash experience for players to slay all the demons that are unlucky enough to challenge you! After all, you have a huge sword that can slash anything, right?

Enjoy your GigaSword!

Your sword was designed for an 8-foot-tall man, and now it is yours. You can do anything with this giant sword that weighs you down, but we bet you would like to slay all the bosses with it!

GS screen 22 combat

GigaSword has a charming storyline.

The story of GigaSword takes place in an ancient tower called The Nestrium. Your main goal is to reach the top of the tower, where you are going to find the God Crystal called Gnosis. However, this tower is protected by owl-like creatures known as the Nocturne.

According to the story of the game, humans used to live around the Nestrium once. But today, their kingdom is cursed with famine and diseases. If mankind can access Gnosis, everything might be okay. But despite their request for this from the Nocturne, they keep rejecting mankind.

In time, mankind started to notice that they could fix everything by just controlling Gnosis. It has enough power to stop all hunger, wars, and sickness.

One day, Ezra, an orphan boy who lives in the streets, was attacked by a pack of wolves in the forest. However, a Nocturne called Omari comes to the rescue of Ezra. Ezra and Omari became very good friends over the years.

However, over time, things in the human kingdom got worse. People did not have any patience left, and they decided to take down the Nocturne to get Gnosis, which could make the human kingdom great again.

You will play as Ezra, the chosen one and the owner of the GigaSword! You have no luxury to lose; otherwise, this will mean the end of mankind.

GigaSword characters

There are three main characters in GigaSword. You already know a lot about Ezra, who is the chosen one to claim Gnosis. The other character is Omari, a fierce Nocturne that saved the life of Ezra when he was a young boy. He is the first Nocturne that visits human settlements and sees how they suffer. He spent all his life in the Nestrium, which is about 250 years.

General Vearst is leading the human army. He is a fierce and fearless warrior who is determined to do whatever it takes to save his people. His only ambition is to claim Gnosis and make everything great.

Besides these characters, there is also Cottonbum. This is a fluffy rabbit, which will reward you when you encounter him in the tower.

GS screen respawner
An Upcoming Action-Puzzle Metroidvania GigaSword Preview 4

GigaSword Gameplay

GigaSword has plenty of mechanics such as jumping, swimming, grabbing, wall jumping, crawling, and much more. Although you have numerous actions to perform, it is worth noting that you will be vulnerable while performing them.

In addition to this, you will not be allowed to attack your opponents. Thus, you need to make wise decisions while trying to reach your destination. However, these mechanics make GigaSword much funnier.

Some other mechanics include elevator blocks, down-transfer blocks, crank platforms, sliding blocks, sword doors, crawling sparks, and thunderbolts.

GigaSword Art Style

Without a doubt, GigaSword offers some of the best NES/SNES games. It includes frame-by-frame animations, and all the sprites used in the game are hand-drawn graphics. It is worth noting that the game was created with only 25 colors.

However, this doesn’t mean that the overall graphics are dull. Yet GigaSword offers a quiet colored world with parallax background designs. In our opinion, the art style of GigaSword will be highly appealing to many players, especially if you love old-school games.

Demo Trailer 01

GigaSword Kickstarter Campaign

This amazing project has its own Kickstarter campaign, which you can visit and fund right now. So far, the game has received a good amount of funding, but it is not enough for the launch. As of today, GigaSword managed to receive $12,123 in funds, but it needs at least $40,000.

It is worth noting that the campaign started on February 3, 2022, and it will end on March 3, 2022. If GigaSword manages the receive $40,000 funds, the developers will release the official game at the end of this year. So, if you want to enjoy such an amazing game, it may be a good time to contribute by visiting the official Kickstarter page of the game.

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