Back 4 Blood Open Beta Review

Back 4 Blood is a highly anticipated first-person shooter game. After the open beta of this game, which we hunt zombies, was published, we prepared a review article for you. Thus, you will be able to understand what kind of game awaits you.

First of all, we have no doubt that you will like this game very much if you played and liked Left 4 Dead. It seems like Turtle Rock Studios hasn’t forgotten what they did right in Left 4 Dead and added new ones to it and managed to make Back 4 Blood a unique game.


Weapons in Back 4 Blood

Each weapon in Back 4 Blood has a unique and easy to distinguish design. In addition to these designs, each gun has a separate sound and recoil. In this way, you can pick up the weapon, which is easiest to use, and hunt the zombies around you.


Maps will encourage you to explore

Another remarkable feature in Back 4 Blood is that the maps are very well designed. When you start a chapter, you’ll now spend a little more time on the map instead of coming to the end of the chapter right away. These kinds of maps encourage you to explore.

Lot’s of Zombie await you

The game has also increased the number of zombies to keep the action at the highest level. There are also zombies like Boomer in Left 4 Dead in the game. These are also relatively easy to kill but not as easy as ordinary zinc-carbon battery zombies. Breed zombies, on the other hand, have weak points. If you aim at these weak points, you can destroy them in seconds. Even the giant, the scariest zombie I’ve ever encountered, resigned helplessly to his fate in the face of four players.


Game Modes in Back 4 Blood

The game has a story mode and a mode where two teams play against each other. In this mode, where two teams take turns as zombies, the team that destroys the other side in the shortest time wins. It was also announced that there will not be a mode that allows us to control zombies in the story mode, as in Left 4 Dead.

Playable characters in Back 4 Blood

There are eight different playable characters in the open beta of Back 4 Blood. Each character also has different abilities that contribute to both himself and the team. These abilities are in-game effects such as extra movement speed, increasing the chance of finding bullets, or increasing the maximum amount of health.


As a result, Back 4 Blood has the potential to be the best zombie game ever made. We will see what is going to happen when the full version of the game is released on Steam on October 12th.

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