Beacon Pines Review – Cute and Unique Adventure in A Mysterious Book

Beacon Pines will take you on a cute yet creepy adventure. We assure you that you'll like this beautiful, interesting, atmospheric, and relaxing game.

Developed by Hiding Spot and published by Fellow Traveler on September 22, 2022, Beacon Pines is one of the recently released story-rich and colorful horror games set in a mysterious book. The game offers a choice-driven adventure full of discoveries and exploration. Do not mind us when we say “horror game.” It is more like a mystery game, and its uniqueness makes it special.

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Beacon Pines Review - Cute and Unique Adventure in A Mysterious Book 3

Players will discover charms, which are basically one word, and they can deploy them to the different spots on the story branch to create their own unique adventure.

It is quite an innovative game that offers plenty of freedom throughout the story. Also, players will have to go through the same situations more than once, each time with a different outcome and progression.

This makes the game quite sustainable in terms of fun, and you can spend hours in front of your screen without even realizing it. You can change the position of charms at any time, even if you have completed that part of the story and are facing the consequences.

Thus, players will constantly ask themselves, “What if…” What if I place these charms here or there? Besides these amazing mechanics, Beacon Pines is also noteworthy in terms of its characters.

The game has more than one main character, each with a different background and story. They are one of the best characters that can be created in any game. We wish some other quality productions would take lessons from Beacon Pines.

Beacon Pines Lawod ss
Beacon Pines Review - Cute and Unique Adventure in A Mysterious Book 4

In addition to all these, you are going to play the role of a book reader. This offers you to be in control of your interactive story in addition to the events in the story. In other words, the story will get deeper and deeper as you progress through Beacon Pines.

You will be relocating the charms to unravel the mysteries and enjoy your gaming experience in a world that is like a fairy tale. Although the graphics and art concept of the game make it seem like Beacon Pines appeals to a younger audience, the facts are just the opposite.

Everything in the game is dynamic, and you will play it from one chapter to another and create your own story. You are going to change your previous decisions to see how they will affect the overall story and what kind of new opportunities will appear.

The only downside of Beacon Pines may be its short game time. A player can complete the game in about 5 hours by making all the choices and unraveling mysteries. On the other hand, the game is highly enjoyable, and we believe most players will complete it in one session. Thus, we would like to warn you to take your time and enjoy your time wisely.

Beacon Pines is now available on Steam for PCs, on the Microsoft Store for Xbox, and on the Nintendo eShop for Switch.

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