Best Riftbreaker Mods

Riftbreaker is one of the most popular games that offers a great strategy experience to players. This fantastic game is also considered a tower defense game, meaning you need to survive against multiple enemies and defend your base.

If you often enjoy base-building games that are combined with action-role-playing elements, then this game is for you. It was first released on October 14, 2022, and since then, many developers have developed their own mods for this great game. Thus, we have compiled the best 5 mods for you!


5 Best Riftbreaker Mods

We have picked the 5 best Riftbreaker mods for you, and all of them can significantly improve your gaming experience. Please note that there are plenty of mods available on the internet that can enhance your gameplay from different perspectives.

Bigger Storage Mod

This mod will work automatically to add more space to your inventory. In this way, you will always have resources that will help you expand your base or achieve your goals.

Long-Range Energy Mod

As you know, energy is one of the most important mechanics in Riftbreaker. In this regard, you have to rely on energy connectors, which are effective for 5 tiles. However, this long-range energy mod doubles its tiles. This means that each energy connector will have a 10 tile length.

Bioscanner Speed Mod

A bioscanner is an important tool that helps you find new materials. However, using this feature can be challenging and time-consuming. By installing the bio scanner speed mod, you can multiply the speed. Players can choose between x2, x5, x10, or instant options.

Massive Repair Mod

You have to repair your base too often after each wave. However, this can be quite time-consuming. In this respect, you can download the massive repair mod and train 20 repair bots at once. This will significantly boost your gaming experience.

Geoscanner Tweak Mod

If you would like to increase the range of your geoscanner, then this mod is for you. In this way, you can find more valuable items in a shorter time and with minimum effort.

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