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Biota, or B.I.O.T.A., is one of the newest 2D Metroidvania games that offer a great platformer experience to players. With its pixel graphics, Biota offers a unique 8-bit action to gamers who love playing retro games. It was developed by Small Bros and published by Retrovibe on April 12, 2022.

The original name of the game is B.I.O.T.A., and we assure you that you are going to enjoy your time a lot while playing this game. For us, one of the notable features of Biota is that you can drive submarines and mechs. Although the game manages to keep all the mechanics and gameplay simple, it is somehow highly addictive and fun.

Players are going to control different mercenaries. These mercenaries are hired by a company, and they have got a mission to investigate a mining colony. The bad news is that this mining colony is infected by some kind of alien plague.

This will make everything much more challenging for the gamers. But the fact that you can use eight mercenaries, each of them has unique skills and abilities, will help you in your adventure. Your main goal is to find the scientist who can develop the cure and save the mining colony from the alien plague.

For this purpose, you will be tracking their traces. In addition to this, you are not allowed to use all eight mercenaries but choose only four of them. Thus, players need to create a versatile team that can cope with every challenge they are going to face. Each of these mercenaries has its primary weapons and special abilities. However, these special abilities have limited use.

From a regular soldier to a commando, from a shotgunner to a sniper, you have a wide range of military options in this game. However, one of the downsides of Biota is you don’t feel any difference at all between different weapon choices. Most of the time, you will find yourself preferring one or at most two weapons during your gameplay.

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Select Shotgun to Complete the Game Quickly

If you are planning to complete the game quickly, we recommend preferring shotgun. The special ability of the shotgun is creating a shield, which can kill the enemies that hit it. It is worth noting that you should not spend all your money in the early game. Soon, you are going to visit a nuclear reactor, which is deadly for humans. For this reason, you will have to buy a robo-dude from the market.

It costs 375 poops. Yes, you heard us right. Poop is the official currency of Biota. However, you can only carry 200 poops with your standard wallet. Thus, you will have to upgrade your wallet as soon as possible to make sure that you will have 375 poops when you need to purchase the robo-dude. Players will need bottles with smiley faces on to upgrade their wallet size.

Elevators are checkpoints in Biota

Elevators in Biota serve as a checkpoint. However, they also help you travel faster between the areas as well. Thus, we recommend using them when possible. In Biota, backtracking is an important concept, so you may want to take notes about the areas you cannot access. Do not forget to note down the reason why you cannot access them as well.

Keys are also important mechanics that you can purchase from the black market. Most of the time, you are going to use these keys to activate the mechs so that you can easily eliminate your enemies, and nothing can stop you!

In short, Biota is a fantastic 8-bit retro game that you need to give a try as soon as possible. This is especially true if you love playing 2D platformer games.

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