Blue Reflection: Second Light – Perfect Follow Up For The Story

Blue Reflection: Second Light was one of the most anticipated anime games all around the world. If you have never heard about this game before, then you are missing a lot. This game offers you an amazing story in the anime world.

Basically, Blue Reflection is a role-playing game where you help four Japanese teenagers discover themselves. You will also help them to return to reality before it is too late. Without a doubt, the game appeals to a wide audience from all around the world.

Blue Reflection: Second Light Overview

Blue Reflection Second Light is a role-playing and anime game that was released on November 9, 2021. It is the second game of the series and offers a female protagonist adventure for anime lovers. The game was also developed by Koei Tecmo Games.

It is worth noting that Blue Reflection: Second Light is a single-player game you can enjoy in your free time. The game also offers numerous customizations that are offered with DLCs or additional editions. These DLCs enhance the gameplay experience for anime lovers.

You are going to control four Japanese teenagers and help them to run away from a fantastic world. None of them remembers what happened to them, and all they remember is their names. They woke up in a mystical world with a mesmerizing blue sky.

They will be trying to solve the mystery and what happened to them. The game offers plenty of social interactions with other characters. So, you need to manage all the characters to proceed in the game. The best part of the game is you can customize your characters according to your taste.

Blue Reflection: Second Light is now available only on PCs and Nintendo Switch. When we think that the previous game was available on PS4, the second game of the series will come out for PlayStation too.

Blue Reflection: Second Light - Perfect Follow Up For The Story

Is Blue Reflection: Second Light a sequel?

Blue Reflection is a sequel game of 2017 released Blue Reflection. If you want to dive into the story of Blue Reflection, we recommend that you first play the first game. Even though the game is set in another world, some parts of the game are related to the previous game. So to get the best experience from Blue Reflection: Second Light, you should better play the first game of the series.

How many hours is Blue Reflection?

Blue Reflection: Second Light offers you nearly 20 hours of playtime. This time can increase up to 30 hours if you play the game’s main story with extras. In short, the game offers you decent playtime, and it manages to keep you in the story.

Is Blue Reflection on Switch?

Both games of the Blue Reflection series are available on the Nintendo Switch. Besides the Nintendo, the games also have a place in the PS Store and Steam. So, you can join these Japanese teenagers’ adventures on PCs and consoles.

Blue Reflection: Second Light Editor Opinion

If you enjoy watching anime and want to take control of a story, then Blue Reflection: Second Light is an ideal choice for you. You are not going to play a single character in this game but four unique characters. They are all together in this story and need your help to solve the mystery.

Without a doubt, Blue Reflection: Second Light appeals to the role-playing game and anime lovers. The game takes place in a mysterious world and offers amazing scenery. If you enjoy utopic games as well as Japanese culture, you are going to love the game a lot!

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