Cat Quest 2 and Orcs Must Die! 3 are Free on Epic Games by May 9

Until May 9, you can grab two fantastic titles at no cost: "Cat Quest 2" and "Orcs Must Die! 3".

As May 2024 rolls around, Epic Games continues its generous tradition of offering free games to its users, and Epic Games started its May 2024 free games collection with two fantastic titles. Epic Games free games for the first week of May 2024 include “Cat Quest 2” and “Orcs Must Die! 3,” both available until May 9. Don’t miss out on the chance to add these acclaimed games to your Epic Games library.

Cat Quest 2

Cat Quest 2 is a delightful action RPG set in a world of cats and dogs. Developed by The Gentlebros, this sequel to the popular Cat Quest game expands on its predecessor’s mechanics by introducing a dual-character system, allowing for single-player or cooperative play. In this enchanting sequel, players explore a vast, open world filled with monsters, dungeons, and whimsical characters. 

The game’s storyline is charming and filled with humor, making it a perfect pick for both young and old gamers. Graphically, Cat Quest 2 boasts colorful, vibrant visuals and an adorable art style that enhances the light-hearted, adventurous feel of the game.

Strategically, Cat Quest 2 shines with its simplified but engaging combat system. Players can switch between two characters, each with unique abilities and magic spells, to defeat foes and solve puzzles. The game also features a plethora of loot and a deep upgrade system, ensuring that the gameplay remains exciting and fresh throughout. Whether playing solo or with a friend, Cat Quest 2 offers a compelling blend of exploration, action, and RPG elements that are sure to captivate.

Orcs Must Die! 3

Orcs Must Die! 3 brings explosive tower defense action to your gaming setup, building on the success of its predecessors with even more chaos and destruction. Developed by Robot Entertainment, this latest installment ramps up the scale of battles with the new “War Scenarios” mode, which throws hundreds of orcs at players in overwhelming invasions. 

The game’s core mechanics revolve around strategically placing traps and directly engaging in combat to prevent hordes of orcs from breaching your defenses. With a variety of traps, weapons, and spells at your disposal, each battle requires quick thinking and fast reflexes.

Orcs Must Die 3 also introduces new features such as massive traps, called Mega Traps, and an expanded arsenal for players to experiment with. These additions, coupled with improved graphics and larger map sizes, make Orcs Must Die! 3 a thrilling and rewarding experience. Fans of strategy and action will find this game both challenging and hilariously fun, as it perfectly blends strategic planning with real-time action.

How To Get These Free Games on Epic Games?

Getting your hands on “Cat Quest 2” and “Orcs Must Die! 3” for free is straightforward. First, you need to have an Epic Games account, which you can set up for free if you don’t already have one. Once your account is ready, simply login to the Epic Games Store online or through their launcher app. Navigate to the Free Games section, where you’ll find both titles listed. Click on each game and hit the Get button. After a quick checkout process, the games will be added to your library permanently. Remember, these games are only available until May 9, so be sure to claim them before the offer expires!

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