Cities Skylines 2 High Rent Issue

What is Cities Skylines 2 high rent issue, and how to fix it?

Cities Skylines 2 is out now, and players are enjoying the challenge of city-building on an epic scale. However, some players get an error message saying the rent is too high, which can be annoying. There are a few things you can do to fix this problem. Here is all you need to know about Cities Skylines 2 high rent issue.

What is Cities: Skylines 2 High Rent Issue and What Are The Effective Methods To Fix It?

In Cities Skylines 2, high rent is one of the most annoying error messages that state citizens are moving out of buildings because they can’t afford to pay the rent, which negatively affects your city’s revenue and population.

The main reason for this problem is usually because the land value is too high, but it can also be due to large home lots or taxes being too high. Undereducated citizens can also be shown as another reason for this problem, and adding schools early on would help solve this issue.

There are some effective ways you can take action to fix Cities Skylines 2 high rent problem and reduce the rent costs in your city. Here are all the effective methods to fix the high rent problem in Cities Skylines 2:

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Reducing Taxation

As your city grows, balancing the needs of your citizens with expanding your infrastructure can be difficult. Sometimes, your efforts to curate a booming city can backfire and cause high rent costs that drive residents out of their homes. To fix this issue, you can lower taxes in residential zones. This will help make it easier for your residents to pay their rent and get the goods they need.

The cost of rent is based on several factors, including land value and building level, zone type, education levels, and wealth (income). Lowering taxes is one way to reduce the price of property and make it more affordable for your residents to stay in their homes.

Reduce Land Value

Land value plays a significant role in Cities Skylines 2, and it’s something that can cause issues as your city grows. High rent occurs when citizens can’t afford to live in homes or run businesses in the area, which leads to them moving out and, costing you property taxes and weakening your economy.

You can check the land value by clicking the info view icon (green rectangle with a cent sign) and looking at the average price per square meter. This is affected by services nearby but can also be lowered by removing buildings and services in the area.

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Improve The Quality Of Education

The best way to fix Cities Skylines 2 high rent issue is to build schools early on to give your citizens an excellent education so that they can get high-paying jobs that will allow them to pay for their housing.

Mix Low-Density & High-Density Buildings Together

While it doesn’t make sense, mixing low-density buildings with high-density housing is an effective way to fix high rent. Because this will allow residents to have more options when choosing where to live, and they’ll still have access to important city services.

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