Coral Island Release Date and Everything We Know

Coral Island is a farming simulator game developed by Stairway Games. The Alpha version of Coral Island is expected to be released in June 2021. The full version of the game, which will be available for pre-access in late 2021, is expected in late 2022. Opened for funding by Kickstarter on February 1, Coral Island was funded $1,639,368 by 36,374 people until March 3, when the funding ended. Let’s take a closer look at Coral Island, which the developers define as “A re-imagined farm sim game set on a tropical island that is inspired by the classics” in this article.

Coral Island Release Date and Everything We Know 4

Coral Island Trailer

Coral Island, developed by Stairway Games, has a Youtube account. You can find more videos about Coral Island on this account. Below I share with you the Announcement Trailer of Coral Island. You can get more insight into the game by watching this trailer.

Coral Island in a Nutshell

On February 1, 2021, Stairway Game announced a foundation of the new Kickstarter project. Kickstarter ended this foundation on March 3. According to Kickstarter, 36,374 backers pledged $1,639,368 to help bring this project to life.

As you watch the Coral Island trailer, it just likes the combination of farming game and Sims. You can plant and grow some plants, and you can befriend the islanders. Check out Coral Island Characters Guide on Lawod. With Coral Island set on a tropical island, you experience agriculture on an island that is rich and intertwined with nature.

Coral Island is a game that combines the features of various farming simulation games. It is obvious that the game was made with great inspiration from Harvest Moon. In this game, you can grow crops, farm livestock, even connect with other people on the island, and experience love. There is one unique feature that sets Coral Island apart from other farming games, diving. In addition to the other elements, players can also explore caverns and mines beneath the island. As a result, you may have a deeper experience with Coral Island compared to other farming games.

You can find more information about Coral Island on Stairway Games Coral Island official webpage or Kickstarter Coral Island official website.

Coral Island Release Date and Everything We Know 5

Coral Island Release Date

Coral Island has different parts and all of them will be released in different days. You can find the details below.

  • Alpha (PC): June 2021
    • Note: Alpha keys are separate from full game keys and will expire
  • Early Access (PC): Late 2021
  • Consoles: Approximately 6 months after Early Access launches
  • Full Release (PC): Late 2022
coral island farming
Coral Island Release Date and Everything We Know 6

Coral Island on Steam

Coral Island will be released on Steam for PCs first. You can access the page of the game on Steam from the link below. When Coral Island is opened for early access, you can purchase the game via the same link. You can also download the full version of Coral Island via the same link below and start playing.

Coral Island on Steam

If you want to explore more games like Coral Island or if you want to find out more about Coral Island, stay tuned on Lawod.

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