Create Mass Destruction with a SWORDCAR

You would be shocked to see how much chaos a car and a sword can create. Well, developer Peter Randol’s creation, SwordCar, will drive you into a world where you slice through BUSYMEN and destroy cars.

When we first saw the trailer, we were so hyped. It was hilarious to see a car with a sword on it. The game managed to impress us at first glance. You can’t imagine how a car with a sword could spill this much blood. It can (and probably will) be one of the bloodiest games of all time. 

SwordCar is being developed by SpaceMicroscope (aka Peter Randol) and will be published by Rogue. In this preview, we will share all we currently know about SwordCar.

SwordCar is a slicing drifting/racing game with voxel graphics. There is no complete story to the game at this point. But you can enjoy it while drifting and completing missions like killing a requested number of enemies in a limited time. The game offers satisfying action with its drifting psychics and funny screams from dying BUSYMEN.

There are a variety of cars you can choose from, all of which have their own ways of cleaning the streets. Our favorite is the car with two katanas. When you slice both sides, it looks gruesome (in a good way). The sword that flies from the destroyed car feature looks sick. It is like ending your kill streak with a signature move.

The arcade cel-shaded, visuals add a nostalgic feeling to the game. It also fits the chaotic weather of the game world. The songs in the SwordCar are very explosive and put the player into chaos. In the developer’s video, we can also see how he created the streets and cars. Speaking of the developer, we also want to point out the developer’s sincerity.

Create Mass Destruction with a SWORDCAR
Create Mass Destruction with a SWORDCAR 2

On the YouTube Space Microscope Games channel, the developer, Peter Randol, has posted a dev log that explains nearly the whole process of his being a developer. In the video, we can learn the details about the game and his life throughout the pandemic, which caused him to start developing the game. COVID-19 caused a lot of tragedies all over the world. But seeing that it blessed us with the SwordCar is good news among the bad. We loved the sincerity and humble character of Peter Randol. A person who memes his struggles is always a good sign. It was also great to watch the game develop from the ground up.

SwordCar is an amazing game with an exclusive Made for VoxPop Game Edition. As you can see, VoxPop continues to add great games to their platform offerings with the “Made For” definitive edition indie games developer initiative, and SwordCar seems to be shaping up as definitely one to watch. We’ve covered their rise up the ranks and say that they are confidently on their way to becoming a truly great indie games service, focused on up & coming developers, content creators, and creating relationships with awesome new indie publishers.

When it comes to SwordCar, again, we can’t wait to see more updates and new features added to the game. You can play SwordCar (we also love how straightforward the game’s name is) by joining the Patreon of Peter Randol. It is always great to see independent developers getting support from gamers. What are your feelings about the game? A car with a sword?! You just can’t say it is not crazy. The best kind of crazy!

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