Dave the Diver by Mintrocket Is One Of The Best Indie Game

During Gamescom, Nexon's parent company Mintrocket announced their first game, Dave the Diver. The game is an underwater adventure that revolves around catching fish.

Dave the Diver by Mintrocket Games is set in a huge underwater cavern, home to new and interesting fish species. The game is a fusion of role-playing games, business tycoon, and survival elements. Players must upgrade their gear and make money to buy new equipment.

As a diver, you must go out and catch fish for a sushi restaurant and serve the customers at the end of the night. You can sell your fish and make more money by catching more. The more money you have, the more you can explore the deep sea.

When the restaurant owner, Cobra, calls, he asks you to help him catch fish. He also offers you the chance to open a joint venture.

In Dave the Diver, you play as a diver named Dave. You will spend the day fishing for fish to use in the restaurant. You also need to make sure that your customers are satisfied. You may encounter hostiles. You can shoot the fish with your harpoon gun to soften them. The harder the fish, the more shots you will need to catch them.

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Dave the Diver by Mintrocket Is One Of The Best Indie Game 2

Dave the Diver Is Now On Early Access

Despite being an early access title, Dave The Diver has already been a popular game. It was the top-selling game on Steam in the two weeks it was available. This is not a common result for a game in its early access stage.

If you want to learn more before you take a deep breath and dive into Dave the Diver’s world, we strongly recommend taking a look at IndieWod’s Dave the Diver Guide and Review page.

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