We have complicated feelings about the DS Director's Cut!

DEATH STRANDING was a big hit back in 2019. Its beautiful graphics, walking mechanics, and “remarkable” product placement made it great content for gamers. After two years, 505 Games released the DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT, and, oh my friends, there are things we need to talk about. There are some good and some bad. Overall, we liked it. And we kind of didn’t like it. It might sound contradictory, but hear us out. In this review, we will be going over the new features added in DIRECTOR’S CUT version. Before reading, make sure to check out our gameplay video.

First and foremost, the new graphics update for PS5. As you know, PS5 games have different versions of graphics compared to PS4. These are Quality or Performance modes. The same goes for DIRECTOR’S CUT too. You can have a Quality mode that comes with native 4K with a lower frame rate or a Performance mode that offers upscaled 4K with 60 FPS. I don’t know about you, but I usually prefer FPS over resolution. But if you want to be impressed by DS Quality, by all means, go for it!

One of the good things is the difference in vibration in PS5. The new controller gives a more engaging feeling with all types of guns and terrain. The DS is famous for its rough terrain. You can have more realistic gameplay.

Our character has new toys to play with in the DS DIRECTOR’S CUT. They are practical in many situations. The new gloves you have in the game allow you to pummel opponents and climb faster on the stairs. There are also new fighting techniques you can perform, which are dropkicksknee kicks, and body slams. They might look a bit goofy sometimes. You are dropkicking someone like in Wrestle Mania while wearing a powerful suit and using a Mazer Gun. This brings me to the next point: the Mazer Gun. You can electrocute your opponents and disable vehicles with it. It is useful in situations like when an enemy is using a turret. The last feature of the character is the Support Skeleton, which improves movement speed and balance. It is like a mix of the other Exoskeletons.

The new DIRECTOR’S CUT embraces new players with its convenient taxi systems. Buddy Bot is here for your needs. It can carry your luggage and YOU! Well, you read it right. You can use your new friend to assist with your load. It can also move the load without your presence. Just show the way. If you are tired, hop on the Buddy Bot. It will deliver you and your belongings to the nearest distribution center on autopilot. You can use Cargo Catapult. That is exactly what you are thinking. Put your cargo in it, and fire it to the location of your choice. It has limitations, of course, but it comes with a parachute to guarantee your precious cargo doesn’t take any damage while landing. Lastly, you can construct Cairo Bridges to make your way easier while walking around hills. They come in handy, but be careful because bridges are narrow. They are also going to DISAPPEAR in the rain or snow.

Firing a catapult, having a robot friend with legs, and building bridges is convenient, no doubt about that. But it takes one of the main gameplay features in the game: carrying things from A to B. Besides its combat and story, DEATH STRANDING allows you to create your own ways of being a postman. I am grateful to developers because of these easier ways of traveling. But I am afraid that the new players might skip trips like we had.


We have a new vehicle: the Roadster. Fast way to travel for sure. But only on more stable roads. The car is good for racetracks (which is also a new feature) and roads. But when you are off-road (you see what I did there), it just flops. I understand that they are trying to add a new car for the racing tracks feature. We didn’t enjoy it very much. There is nothing wrong with it generally. We just aren’t in DS for racing.

DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT has new modes for more hardcore players. A Firing Range, where noobs and veterans meet. You can try every gun and practice your shooting for high scores (foreshadowing). You can also use it to feel the cool vibrations in PS5 in different weapons. After completing training, you will show your abilities in the Replaying Nightmare Battle. The new mode allows you to face the bosses again and put your name on the scoreboard. Making the game competitive after its release two years ago was a courageous move by KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS. They are saying, “Yeah, we added some new things and we are sure players will be back to see their names on the top charts.

At last, we have Ruined Factory, the mission where you will get the know more about the game’s story. We were excited to see the new things about the DS world. It is alright. It just doesn’t deliver the way we thought it would. We can’t spoil it for you. And if you want more DS gameplay and maybe body slams the enemies in the Ruined Factory, go ahead.


Even though it has been a long review with new things all around, we aren’t so sure to recommend it for the old players. Well, it is more or less the same game with the taxi feature, which, when you think about it, is less than the original one (not including the Ruined Factory). If you are a fan, you probably didn’t even read the review and find out everything yourself. But if you finished the game and liked it, you don’t need to play it just for the DIRECTOR’S CUT. For new players, we HIGHLY recommend it. DEATH STRANDING is a good game. And if you missed the era, you have a great chance to experience it again with fewer hassles and more beautiful features.

As for the price, if you already have the game, you just need to spare 10$ to upgrade it. For others who don’t have DS, it costs $39,99. What are your thoughts and feelings? Had they added enough for a “DIRECTOR’S CUT?” or do you expect more? Share with us in the comment section and don’t forget to follow Lawod on social media.

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