Dome Keeper Teleporter Guide

Dome Keeper is a fun little rogue-lite that challenges players to strengthen their dome and defeat a wave of monsters. The game has lots of cool gadgets to help with resource mining and base expansion, including upgrades for quicker drilling and a stunning laser. One of the most useful gadgets is the teleporter. With it, you can quickly travel around the mines you dig and make your search easier. If you want to become an expert at using the teleporter, let’s take a closer look at how it works in Dome Keeper.

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Where Do You Find The Teleporter in Dome Keeper?

In Dome Keeper, your dome’s built-in weapons are your only defense against wave after wave of monster attacks. Between each attack, you dig beneath the surface in search of resources that are spent on upgrades for your weapon, dome, and gadgets. The game’s tense ambiance is punctuated by the sounds of monsters attacking, their aggressive, distorted, and synthetic noises clashing against the glass walls of your dome.

Once you’ve found a resource, it’s important to transport it back to your base so that you can spend it on an upgrade. This can be done manually, but doing so is often time-consuming, especially if you’re digging deep into the ground.

Dome Keeper teleporter offers an alternative to this manual process, but players might not immediately see how to use it. Initially, the teleporter will appear up top in your dome, sitting on an oval object. To pick it up, press A, and to move it to another location, simply drag it with A.

How To Interact With The Teleporter?

When you see the teleporter machine in your base, you will notice a round object in the middle of it. You can pick it up and take it with you to wherever you want to go. If you need to move the machine to another location, you can drag it there by holding down the button. Once you’ve placed the machine in a new spot, you can tap the button to teleport to it whenever you need to. This is helpful for getting resources faster and protecting your base from monsters. At the end of each day, you can use the teleporter machine to return to your base right where you left it.

Dome Keeper Teleporter Guide Lawod ss
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How To Use the Teleporter in Dome Keeper?

Despite being an inconspicuous addition to Dome Keeper, the teleporter makes for a huge difference. 

While the teleporter’s primary function is to transport resources from the mine back up to the base, it can be upgraded to do more. Once you’ve unlocked the Lift upgrade, which allows the teleporter to take resources straight from the mine and bring them back up to your dome instantly, you can also get it to re-teleport enemies from the same point once per wave, allowing for some much-needed tactical combat.

As with every upgrade, there’s a delay between each use of the teleporter. It will have to be manually moved around the surface of the map to be used. Still, its addition is a welcome one that helps ease the strain on a player’s mental capacity.

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