Dredge Story Overview and Endings Explained

Dredge is an adventure game with an intricate story full of surprises, boasting two strikingly different endings that leave you guessing and mystified! Let's take a look at how Dredge ending.

Dredge is a cosmic horror fishing adventure game that takes players on an oceanic voyage where they can fish, explore islands, and upgrade their boats while also uncovering some mysteries that remain unexplained once the game has concluded.

Dredge centers around a dredging expedition wherein a protagonist and his wife discover a silver and crimson book from beneath the ocean’s depths that contains dark magic – this discovery being at the core of an eldritch god summoning The Collector, who sends an order for this protagonist to retrieve otherworldly relics from below the waves.

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Dredge Story Overview and Endings Explained 4

So it is fortunate that Dredge offers multiple endings – good, bad, and an upbeat alternative – so players have multiple choices of how their game ends.

While bad endings tend to happen more frequently than good ones, with persistence and some strategy, it may be possible to force a good one instead. On your initial playthrough, the main storyline may lead to an unfavorable ending; however, to reach the positive one requires following The Collector’s instructions and returning all five relics before concluding your quest. To achieve this positive conclusion.

Dredge Story and Endings Lawod ss
Dredge Story Overview and Endings Explained 5

Dredge’s Bad Ending Instructions

  • Get all five Relics in the main plot.
  • Go back to the Collector on Blackstone Isle and hand them over.
  • Tell him that you’re ready to make a final voyage.
  • Sail to the marked spot on the map (Coordinates G-8). A pillar of red light will make it clear where you’re going.
  • When you are there, interact when prompted with a question mark icon to begin the final cutscene. 
  • Bad end of the story.
Dredge Endings Explained Lawod ss
Dredge Story Overview and Endings Explained 6

Dredge’s Good Ending Instructions

  • Get all five Relics in the main plot.
  • Sail to the unnamed island South of Devil’s Spine (Coordinates P-10)
  • In the channel going through the island, there will be some ruins that you can dock at.
  • Dock there and speak to the NPC, the Old Mayor.
  • He will tell you to go to Lighthouse Keeper.
  • Return to Greater Marrow. Ask the Lighthouse Keeper about the Crimson Book. 
  • Go to Blackstone Isle and talk to the Collector there. Choose “Conceal the Relic”
  • Interact with him to make him talk more about his Book and press the issue whenever prompted.
  • Step closer and take the Book. 
  • Leave without handing over the Relic and go back to the Lighthouse Keeper. Tell her you’re ready.
  • Sail to the marked spot on the map(Coordinates G-8). The lighthouse will keep its beam trained on the point to help guide you. 
  • Click Throw it back.
  • Good end of the story.

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