Drift Hunters – Is That A Supra?

Drift Hunters is one of the best drifting indie games that can appeal to all sports and racing game lovers. Thus, today, we are going to provide detailed information about this fun game for you. With more than 25 unique car models, you can find the perfect choice for yourself and enjoy your time.

In addition to plenty of car models, players can also tune their vehicles with numerous alternatives. From rims to color, stance to bumpers, you can customize your car the way you want and take part in drifting races.

Drift Hunters Overview

With realistic drift physics, Drift Hunters offer a great adventure and racing experience to players. Just like all other racing games, your main goal is to beat all your opponents and win every race you participate in. Besides drifting, you can also participate in regular races or just prefer a burnout.

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No matter which game mode you prefer, all players need to collect as many drifting points as they can. These points also allow you to make some money, which you will invest in your vehicle to customize or improve its performance.

Drift Hunters is available for Android, iOS, and computers. If you want to try the game out, you can play its itch.io version below. You can get the game on your Android or iOS device if Drift Hunters has managed to impress you.

Drift Hunters Editor Opinion

If you enjoy drifting or any form of racing, we can recommend this fun game to you. It is worth noting that the drifting mechanics are highly realistic. This can easily enhance your gaming experience and offer you a quite good time.

The game also has ten tracks, which means that you will not get bored from playing on the same track all the time. Since our main concept is drifting, it will take some time to get used to each map to achieve high scores. Therefore, a long-lasting drifting experience will be waiting for you in this fun game.

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