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Learn how to build in Enshrouded as well as the essence of Enshrouded Building Blocks.

In the vast, mysterious world of Enshrouded, creativity and strategy go hand in hand, especially when it comes to constructing your own domain within its enigmatic landscape. Building in Enshrouded is not just about creating a shelter or a base; it’s about crafting a piece of the world that is uniquely yours, utilizing a wide array of Building Blocks that the game offers. This guide is designed to dive deep into the essence of building in Enshrouded, highlighting key blocks, their functionalities, and how they can be used to bring your architectural dreams to life.

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How To Build in Enshrouded?

Building a base is an essential part of playing Enshrouded. Your house is where you rest, process materials, and make weapons. You’ll need to build shelters around certain NPCs, such as the Carpenter, before you can craft specific items. That’s why one of the game’s first quests is to build a base.

To start, you’ll need to craft a Flame Altar. This is an item that creates a protected zone where you can build your base. You’ll need five stones to make a Flame Altar, which you can create in the manual crafting menu under “essentials.” Once you’ve made it, you can place it on the ground by putting it in your hotbar.

Next, you’ll need to make a WorkbenchYou can craft one at the Workbench using three strings and eight wood logs. Once you’ve made it, you can, again, place it on the ground by putting it in your hotbar.

Now that you’ve placed your Flame Altar and Workbench, you’ll need to make a Construction Hammer. You can craft it at the Workbench using one stone.

Before you can start building, you’ll need to craft some Building Blocks. Enshrouded requires players to convert raw materials into blocks before they can be placed as buildings. You can craft these at the Workbench. For example, you can convert two stones into 100 Rough Stone Blocks. You’ll need to use the same method to craft Roof Blocks.

To start building, equip your hammer and press the “Tab” key to enter the building menu. From here, you can cycle through different building shapes using “ALT + scroll” and different materials using “CTRL + scroll”. You can also rotate build pieces by pressing “R” or delete building sections using “right-click”.

You can toggle “snapping” on or off. If you want pieces to align easily and look neat, keep snapping on. If you want to create more complicated buildings, you can turn off snapping, giving you greater flexibility in where you can place build pieces and allowing you to merge structures into one another.

We recommend starting your building project by placing some foundation blocks. This will provide a flat base layer and help you map out the design of your base.

To create fine details on your buildings, you can also place blocks individually. To do this, cycle up to the highest tab in the building menu and select a 1×1 single wall block. Alternatively, you can put your chosen Building Block in your hotbar and then use the block to place a 1×1 brick. Remember, you can also use the building system to delete individual blocks using “right-click”.

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Building BlockRecipe SourceMaterials Required
Bronze BlockUnlocks after obtaining Bronze Bars1 Bronze Bar, 5 Wood Logs
Bone BlockComplete the “Searching for Hidden Tombs” quest and visit a hidden tomb north of the Springlands to unlock10 Bones
Copper BlockUnlocks after obtaining Copper Bars1 Copper Bar, 5 Wood Logs
Castle Wall BlockComplete the “Fortification” quest in Pikeman’s Reach and visit the Mining Rift to unlock5 Dirt, 20 Stone
City Wall BlockComplete the “A Tower to the Stars” quest and visit the Fawnsong Frontier tower to unlock10 Stone, 2 Dirt
Desert City Wall BlockComplete the “Emily Fray’s Tavern” quest and visit Brittlebush to unlock30 Sandstone
Desert Temple BlockFound in a Sun Temple west of Deepcut during the “Derelict Kindlewastes” quest20 Sandstone, 2 Indigo Plant
Fired Bricks BlockUnlocks after obtaining Fired Bricks10 Fired Bricks
Fancy Stone BlockFound in Raven’s Keep after defeating the Matron10 Limestone, 3 Wood Planks
Half-Timbered BlockUnlocks after finding the crafting recipe in Diadwyn10 Lumps of Clay, 5 Wood Logs
Highly Polished Stone BlockDropped by the Scavenger Matron in Ocean’s Heart, next to East Lapis30 Stones
Iron BlockUnlocks after obtaining Iron Bars1 Iron Bar, 5 Wood Logs
Limestone BlockDuring the “Caravan Raid” quest, visit Surat’s Rest4 Dirt, 10 Limestone
Luminescent BlockUnlocks after mining Luminous Growth5 Stone, 5 Luminous Growth
Metal BlockUnlocks after finding Metal Sheets for the first time1 Metal Sheet, 5 Wood Logs
Mycelium Overgrown BlockUnlocks after mining Mycelium for the first time10 Stones, 5 Mycelium
Palm Wood BlockUnlocks after mining Palm Wood7 Palm Wood Logs, 3 Wood Logs
Refined Wood BlockUnlocks after crafting Wood Planks15 Wood Planks, 5 Wood Logs
Refined Sandstone BlockUnlocks after mining Sandstone10 Sandstone, 2 Sand, 2 Lumps of Clay, 1 Indigo Plant
Refined Stone BlockUnlocks after obtaining Masonry Tools10 Limestone, 10 Flintstone
Regular Stone BlockComplete the “Mixed Stones” quest in the Nomad Highlands15 Stone
Regular Sandstone BlockUnlocks after mining Sandstone10 Sandstone, 2 Lump of Clay
Roughly Cut Stone BlockComplete the “Ruined Netherton” quest and visit Netherton10 Stone, 1 Rubble
Rough Flintstone BlockUnlocks after mining Flintstone10 Flintstone
Rough Sandstone BlockUnlocks after mining Sandstone10 Sandstone
Rough Stone BlockUnlocks after mining Stone2 Stone
Rough Wood BlockUnlocks after chopping Wood2 Wood Logs
Shroud Wood BlockUnlocks after chopping Shroud Wood for the first time10 Shroud Wood
Tarred Wood BlockUnlocks after making Tar5 Tar, 10 Wood Logs
Weathered Stone BlockComplete the “Rumble in the Catacombs” quest and open the chest in the Bramblespine Boneyard10 Stone
Well BlockComplete the “Well Blocks” quest from the Carpenter10 Sandstone, 5 Shroud Liquid
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Essential Building Blocks in Enshrouded

At the core of any construction in Enshrouded are the Essential Building Blocks. These include:

  • Foundation Blocks: The bedrock of any structure, foundation blocks ensure the stability and integrity of your constructions.
  • Wall Blocks: Available in various materials, wall blocks form the perimeter of your creations, offering protection and aesthetic appeal.
  • Flooring Blocks: These blocks are used to create the surface upon which all interior designs and functionalities are based.
  • Roofing Blocks: Protecting your structure from the elements, roofing blocks are crucial for completing any building.

Advanced Functional Blocks in Enshrouded

Beyond the basics, Enshrouded offers Advanced Functional Blocks that bring your structures to life with unique capabilities:

  • Door and Window Blocks: These are not only for aesthetic purposes but also serve the functional role of securing entrances and providing visibility.
  • Lighting Blocks: Essential for illuminating your constructions, lighting blocks come in various styles to match your design needs.
  • Storage Blocks: Keeping your resources organized and accessible, storage blocks are a must-have for any efficient space.
  • Decorative Blocks: These blocks allow for personalization and beautification of spaces, turning structures into homes.

Innovative Mechanism Blocks in Enshrouded

For those looking to add a touch of innovation and complexity to their buildings, Enshrouded introduces Innovative Mechanism Blocks:

  • Redstone Blocks: Powering your creations, Redstone blocks are key to automating functions within your buildings.
  • Command Blocks: For the tech-savvy builders, command blocks offer control over various aspects of the game through coded commands.
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Enshrouded Building Strategies and Tips

Building in Enshrouded can be an immensely rewarding experience if approached with creativity and planning. Here are some tips to enhance your building endeavors:

  • Start with a Blueprint: Before placing your first block, plan your structure. Sketching a blueprint can help visualize your project and guide your building process.
  • Experiment with Textures and Colors: Utilizing a variety of blocks can add depth and character to your buildings. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Incorporate Nature: Integrating your build with the surrounding environment can make it feel more natural and immersive.
  • Optimize Space: Think about the functionality of your space. Efficient use of space can make even small constructions feel grand.

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