Epic Games Will Keep Giving Away Free Games Every Week in 2022

Epic Games is the second-largest gaming platform in the world, coming right after Steam. The company adopts plenty of amazing features and offers benefits to players. Distributing free games is one of the great features of Epic Games, and according to the latest announcement, they will keep giving away games in 2022. 

Epic Games Free Games promotion allows players to download certain games for free for a certain duration. Players who download these games while they are offered free of charge can play them for a lifetime without paying a penny. 

Of course, the key part about this promotion is that any player with an active Epic Games account can benefit from it. Considering that registering with Epic Games is free, this allows you to enjoy the free games whenever you want. In addition to this, the weekly rotation allows you to access more games to try and enjoy.

How Many Games Will Epic Games Offer in 2022?

Unfortunately, Epic Games didn’t state a number in their announcement, but we know there is more on the way.

So, you don’t have to worry about it at all! All you need to do is visit Epic Games once a week to check out the free games that you can download. You can also follow up on Epic Games Free Games by bookmarking Lawod’s Epic Games Free Games List or downloading Lawod’s Epic Games Free Games List Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome Extension Store.

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