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The potential love interests in Eternights are a well-rounded bunch. Yuna, the teen idol; Min, the timid athlete; and Sia, the scientist, all have captivating personalities and intriguing backstories that unfold as their relationship ranks increase.

Eternights is a unique blend of dating sim and action RPG that takes place in a world where a mysterious virus has turned most humans into violent monsters. The game begins with your generic, unnamed protagonist swiping on dating apps, but after scoring some promising matches with the help of his best friend and eager wingman Chani, the world is ripped apart by an impending supernatural apocalypse.

During the course of your journey, you’ll be introduced to a cast of survivors who are both friendly and open to romance. You can spend time with these characters on the train and out in the world, increasing their affection through specialized training minigames or story scenes that often include a randomized interaction.

Players can romance Yuna, the gentle pop star with a girl-next-door personality; Min, the shy athlete who worries about others; Sia, the bold scientist who knows what she wants; and Yohan, an enigmatic man of mystery with a calming disposition. Choosing who to romance can heavily influence the game’s final outcome, but it’s not always clear how the relationships develop until late into the story.

Except for Chani, who isn’t open to romance, everyone in your party is fair game. Who you romance will affect the ending, so who do you choose?

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How To Romance in Eternights?

In Eternights, you can develop romantic relationships with some of your party members. To do this, you need to choose certain dialogue options that represent four different attributes: AcceptanceConfidenceCourage, and Expression. Each of the potential romantic interests identifies with one of these four stats.

  • Yuna – Expression
  • Min – Confidence
  • Sia – Acceptance
  • Yohan – Courage

As you progress through the game and increase each of these stats, you will be able to ask each of the four romantic interests to do something extra with you, like go on a date, train together, or search for items. By completing these activities, you will also earn their favor and increase your chances of being with them.

How to Go on Dates With Love Interests?

Conversations with each character will yield a small number of dialogue choices, each of which buffs one of the game’s social stats – ExpressionAcceptanceConfidence, and Courage. By increasing the rank of each of these stats to their maximum, players can take their relationship with one of the four romance options to the next level by going on dates and training together.


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In Eternights, players can have a romantic relationship with Yuna, a famous pop star. She is one of the first characters the player meets and stays with the group throughout the game. This gives players plenty of time to develop a strong connection with her, even if they choose to pursue other love interests. 

Yuna may seem like a typical celebrity at first, but she’s actually a caring and down-to-earth person who is dedicated to helping others. Pursuing a romance with Yuna can help the player’s character improve their Expression stat, which is important in the game’s post-apocalyptic world. 


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Min is a member of a group and is a shy person who doesn’t realize her own strength. She looks for confidence in her partners and often gets nervous and runs away from awkward situations.

If you want Min to trust you, you need to be confident and authoritative. Once she develops feelings for you, there might be some awkward moments, but Min will always be there for you whenever you need her. Despite her shyness and anxiety, Min is a very caring and kind-hearted person who always fights her fears to support you. If you’re looking for a gentle and loving partner, Min is definitely worth pursuing.


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Sia is a very outgoing character who’s always excited to talk about science stuff. Though she might seem a bit odd at first, she has a softer side that players can discover if they pursue a romantic relationship with her. 

To start a romantic relationship with Sia in the game, players need to focus on improving their character’s Acceptance stats. This will increase their chances of spending more time with Sia and going on dates with her. It’s also the only way to unlock the game’s romantic storyline with her. Although Sia’s romance might not be one of the greatest, it’s still really sweet.


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Yohan is an enigmatic immortal who appears to the protagonist in his dreams and is known for his calming demeanor. Although he’s the only male option for romance, it’s encouraging that the game includes the possibility of gay romance, especially since many similar games only cater to heterosexual relationships.

Yohan is a likable character with a charming personality, although he may initially seem too perfect. However, as the game progresses, he reveals his flaws and insecurities, making his romance storyline all the more rewarding. 

To unlock Yohan’s romance route, players need to improve their character’s Courage stats, which will give them more opportunities to go on dates with him. It’s worth noting that even the protagonist’s best friend in the game, who can be quite offensive, is supportive of Yohan’s relationship with the player character, which is a refreshing departure from the norms of this genre.

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