F1 23 Review - The Best Game in The F1 Series

F1 23 now has something for everyone and came out with improved gameplay mechanics, new game modes, and a returned story mode Breaking Point. Here is what I thought about the latest game of the Formula 1 racing simulation series:

If you enjoy playing F1 games, you might have noticed that they can be pretty challenging. However, my opinion has changed with the release of F1 23. This year’s game, developed by Codemasters and published by EA (who recently acquired the British developer), strikes a perfect balance between realism and enjoyable gameplay. While F1 2020 was my favorite game in the series for its balanced gameplay mechanics, the latest release has exceeded my expectations.

Driveability Improvements in F1 23

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F1 23 is a fast, precise, and technically accurate racing game with fathoms of tactical depth. The addition of a system called Precision Drive Technology delivers more control and precision for controller players, ensuring that the experience feels much more involving. The cars feel nimble on the track, particularly compared to the previous game, with a satisfying sense of gratification from attacking corners aggressively and gracefully slingshotting your way past competitors. But there’s still a considerable skill gap, especially when playing without assists enabled.

F1 23 boasts the most exceptional driving line ever seen in the series so far, enabling players to gain those crucial extra tenths around each circuit. Additionally, the braking zone has been upgraded to be more lifelike, taking into account the car’s tyre compounds and wear level. For example, soft tyres reduce the braking zone, while hard tyres extend it. 

Speaking of tyers, they now degrade more realistically. As the rubber on the tyres wears down, it will have a negative impact on the car’s handling and grip. This is an effort to simulate the authentic racing experience for fans.

The AI has also been given similar improvements, and while AI cars still occasionally make absurd moves, they now generally leave you the width of a car when overtaking instead of hitting your rear like a real-life Formula 1 driver with no regard for safety. It should be mentioned that Codemasters worked with F1 drivers like Anthony Davidson to make these improvements.

Story Mode Returns with Breaking Point 2

Another big improvement is the story mode, Braking Point 2, which returns this year. This story mode follows the fictional Konnersport Butler Global Racing team. The mode is a welcome addition to the franchise and provides an engaging narrative.

Breaking Point 2 is bringing back the high-stakes rivalry between Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler in the fictional Konnersport Butler Racing team. This time around, the duo is competing in 2022, and as the season progresses, they learn to put aside their personal differences for the greater good of the team. Also joining the race is Callie Mayer, a Formula 2 champion who wants to make her mark on the F1 world stage.

The story mode is paced well, with players flitting between racing scenarios and multiple choice dialogue sections with the three characters. The addition of political fallout and Team Principal pressures is a real treat, and provides a new level of immersion for the game. It’s a great way to keep the gameplay fresh, and will certainly help to maintain player engagement with the main career mode.

New Gameplay Features

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After a stellar first entry to the F1 series last year, Codemasters has pulled out all the stops for its new game, releasing a more comprehensive package that caters to players of all styles. Here are some of the new features of F1 23:

  • F1 23 has some exciting new features worth mentioning. The addition of two new tracks, Las Vegas and Qatar’s Lusail, is fantastic. The new racing cars look amazing on these circuits. 
  • Moreover, the game now includes a 35% race distance, which enhances the realism of the gameplay. 
  • In case of an emergency, a red flag is displayed during the game (when 35% race distance is selected), which is an excellent addition. 
  • The F1 World gameplay mode combines Grand Prix, Time Trial, and last year’s divisive F1 Life into one mode. This mode is similar to the Ultimate Team style, and players can build up their careers while competing in various races around the world. 
  • Additionally, the mode includes a “Compendium” that rewards players with stickers, which can be added to a virtual sticker book.

Visuals Are Better in F1 23

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I don’t want to end my review without mentioning the game’s outstanding visuals. I. can easily say that F1 23 is visually impressive, with the cars and circuits looking almost photo-real at times.

Players can now experience the real-time ray tracing technology that enhances reflections and shaders in the game, but it is necessary to have a GeForce RTX series GPU.


Overall, F1 23 is truly an exceptional game! It’s the perfect Formula One simulator for both ambitious fans and those who are less familiar with the sport. In other words, the game’s many different aspects have been expertly balanced, making it a wonderful experience for both casual racing fans and experts alike. It’s a true testament to Codemasters’ growth since being acquired by EA. You can find F1 23 on PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, as well as on PCs via Steam, Epic Games, and the EA app.

Special thanks to EA Sports, who provide us with a key for the review.

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