Far Cry 6 Best Weapons

Far Cry 6 Best Weapons have always been wondered by Far Cry players. Cause what you carry with you in Far Cry is highly important for the success of your operations. However, the most important one among your equipment is the weapon. Although there is no single weapon perfect for all types of combat, we have gathered some of the best ones for you.

To overthrow the ruthless dictator Antón Castillo, make sure you have some of these weapons in your personal arsenal! Here are the 8 best Far Cry 6 weapons!

Far Cry 6 Best Weapons

Recurve Bow

If you want to kill your enemies from a distance and do not want to cause a mess, then recurve bow is the best option for you. It may take time to get used to it, though. You can get it from Guerrilla Garrison.


SMG-11 is a sidearm, and it is an amazing choice, especially in small areas. You can prefer SMG-11 indoors against multiple enemies. You can buy it from Juan’s Arms Dealers.


Desert Eagle is one of the high accuracy and high damage sidearms popular in Far Cry 6 and any game. If you have multiple enemies and you can find a cover, this will be an amazing weapon for you. It is a reward for completing Treasure Hunt: The Last One to Leave.

M-79 Grenade Launcher

Nothing can survive from a well-targeted M-79 grenade launcher in Far Cry 6. If you need some area damage to make things easier for you, this will be your favorite weapon. You can buy it from Guerrilla Garrison.


You can significantly improve the success of your raids with this automatic AR-C. If you’re enjoying fast-paced combats, this rifle can provide you with more than you expect. It is a reward for completing Treasure Hunt: A Little Birdie Told Me.

MBP .50

Why should you bother yourself while you can gun down your enemies one by one from a distance? For this purpose, MBP .50 can do a great job for you. All you need to do is hide well. You can buy it from Guerrilla Garrison, too.


With low accuracy but a high damage rate, AK-M will be an amazing weapon for you. If you want to get closer to your opponents, you should prefer AK-M. It is an amazing weapon for medium or close-range fights. It is also available on Guerrilla Garrison.


If you are looking for a powerful weapon for close range, there is no better than a shotgun. SPAS-12 is one of the best weapons in Far Cry 6. It is also available as a reward for completing Treasure Hunt: Passing the Torch in Far Cry 6.

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