Game Review – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys was released by Devolver Digital in the E3 event in 2019. Fall Guys, which we see at first glance to have graphics similar to Nintendo games, is actually a Battle Royale game. But it is very different from other Battle Royale games. Fall Guys, where you can play multiplayer with up to 60 people at the same time, managed to sell 2 million copies on the first day of its release. Let’s take a closer look at the Fall Guys, which have made a tremendous impact since its debut.

Fall Guys Trailer

First of all, I suggest you guys, you should watch all trailers of the Fall Guys. These guys really know what they do. I really like those trailers, and I believe you guys like them too. Fall Guys was released with the trailer you can watch below at the E3 event in 2019. When you watch the trailer, you find yourself saying, “hmm, that seems really fun.” The music in the trailers, the animations, and the stories of trailers are amazing. I really want to congratulate the Fall Guys Trailer team. I share with you the very first trailer of Fall Guys below. If you want to watch other trailers of Fall Guys, you can watch them on Youtube.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout in a Nutshell

When we think of Battle Royale games, almost all of the games that come to our mind have an environment where we disarm our opponents with weapons and try to survive. Unlike all these Battle Royale games, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is an unarmed survival game, and there is no perception like a poisonous area.

In Fall Guys, you try to reach the finish line by trying not to fall from rounds of various difficulties. You run on a different map each round, and you try to overcome the obstacles. There is a certain quota at the end of each round. I say be careful, otherwise, you can get eliminated while dancing or hugging each other with your opponents at the finish line. Also, let’s not forget that you can customize your character as you wish.

Game Review – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 2

Fall Guys Gameplay

You are starting to the Fall Guys at the starting point with 60 other players. After you begin the game, you encounter several obstacles that try to fall you down. I can say that there is tremendous chaos in the Fall Guys because of the players and obstacles. There are also a bunch of obstacle courses and mini-games, including football, memory matching, and an egg-hoarding challenge. Fall Guys is a game that consists of rounds, as I said before. There is a certain quota at the end of each round. For this, getting to the finish line first can give you an advantage. You try to come to the last round bypassing each round successfully and try to take the crown. But this isn’t easy at all. You can find the official Fall Guys Gameplay Trailer below, and it will give you an idea of how is Fall Guys at all. To get more information about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, you can visit the Fall Guys official website.

Editor Rating to Fall Guys: 4/5

I can say that I like it very much because Fall Guys is a game for entertaining rather than an ambition to win. We had a lot of fun when we played the game with our friends. It is possible to have a funny moment every minute in the game. While you are playing Fall Guys, you don’t get stressed, you’re having fun. Music in the Fall Guys is another point I want to draw attention to. Indeed, Fall Guys’ music choices are very successful. I give 4 points out of 5 for Fall Guys because of the reasons I mentioned above. I deduct a point because of their server and the bugs in the game.

Fall Guys can be played on almost any platform. If you want to give it a shot, you can reach download links of Fall Guys from my dedicated article Fall Guys Download.

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