God of Weapons Build Guide

Check out our guide to discover the most powerful builds for God of Weapons. Our article is packed with useful information to help you become an expert in no time.

Looking for the best God of Weapons build guide? God of Weapons is an over-the-top action game that features a variety of weapon types. Its developers have given special attention to the shield, which can be used for runic attacks and a number of other abilities, including parrying.

God of Weapons is a new game that’s been getting popular on Steam lately. It’s got lots of enemies to fight, and you have to manage your equipment, too.

God of Weapons Hunter Build

god of weapons hunter build lawod ss
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God of Weapons Hunter Build focuses on damage and speed. It combines the strengths of Revenant and Nightstalker, allowing you to slow enemies, kill them, teleport into invisibility, and then hit them again for more damage.

This build is a great choice if you are looking to get a lot of experience quickly in the game. It can even clear endgame content with ease. This is because it can be paired with Ivaldi’s Cursed Mist, which increases all of Kratos’ health perks.

You should also have a decent amount of Range and Life leech and should try to buy as many Projectile upgrades as possible. This will give you a significant boost in attack speed, which is crucial for this build. 

You should also look for the Patience Amulet, which increases the speed at which Stamina regenerates. This is very important for this build, as it allows players to engage the enemy more often.

Finally, the Xanthous Leggings are a good item to pair with this build. They provide a huge amount of defense and can be upgraded to increase parrying and other abilities.

God of Weapons The Knight Build

God of Weapons The Knight Build Lawod ss
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With their shield and sword, the Knight is one of the most resilient classes in God of Weapons. They have incredibly high defense but low attack and speed. This allows them to force fights or simply jump in and deal truckloads of damage from a safe position. Knights also have a powerful self-heal called Second Wind, which can be used at every turn.

The Knight is an ideal choice if you want to use heavy swords or shields, especially since they can equip any of the Knight sets early on. They can further improve their defensive capabilities with the cyan bag UT, Esben’s Wedding Ring, and Havel’s Ring, which all give them large boosts to Defense and Vitality.

At higher levels, the Knight can use weapons such as the Lothric Knight SwordBlack Bow of Pharis, and Divine Sword of Divinity to deal massive damage. The latter weapon fires multiple beams of damage that ignore the target’s defense but is slow to swing and only has a four-tile range. 

God of Weapons Thief Build Guide

God of Weapons The Knight Build Lawod s edited

In the Thief build in God of Weapons, stick to using only daggers (specifically Ebony dagger for its damage scaling feature). It’s best to have only 6 daggers in total to earn the Edgy, and the Less is More achievements. When replacing a lower-tier dagger with a higher one, sell the old one first before buying the new one. Additionally, it’s crucial to max out Range and Lifeleech for better gameplay. 

Lastly, consider buying small items like coins, rings, clocks, gauntlets, and lanterns. These items boost your attack speed, which is essential for this type of gameplay that focuses on DPS (damage per second).

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