Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks

Join us while we explore the various Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks and provide tips for completing them successfully.

In the exciting world of Gray Zone Warfare, Vendor Tasks are like important side missions that can really impact your gameplay and give you an edge. These tasks, offered by different faction vendors in the game, not only give you valuable resources but also make the game world more interesting and strategic

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What are Vendor Tasks in Gray Zone Warfare?

Vendor Tasks in Gray Zone Warfare are special missions given by different faction vendors. Each task is meant to test your tactical skills and resource management, and completing them can earn you equipment, currency, or increased faction reputation. These tasks can range from simple retrieval missions to high-stakes rescue operations, offering a variety of challenges and rewards.

Gunny’s Tasks

Cache Retrieval

Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks Cache Retrieval Lawod ss
Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks 9

Gunny’s first job is Cache Retrieval. You’ll need to take two trackers into town and put them on caches. One’s at the Town’s Warehouse in the side room, and the other’s at the Lumberyard in the side shed. Be ready for a tough time because these places are heavily guarded. To pull this off, you’ll have to use the Interactive Map to find the caches and plan a safe way out, all while dealing with enemy patrols.

Leave No Man Behind

Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks Leave No Man Behind Lawod ss
Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks 10

Leave No Man Behind is Gunny’s second task, which is completed by finding a soldier and marking him. Start by locating the red building in Lamang. Once you’re there, look for a parking structure behind you. Then, find the nearby alleyway and head towards it. Take a right turn into the back alley and proceed a short distance. On your left, you’ll notice a bed and a green overhang providing shade. As you continue down the alleyway, you’ll come across a blood spatter on the wall, indicating your target’s location. Leave your tracker and extract to successfully finish the mission.

Other Tasks of Gunny’s

  • Medical Detective
  • Last Farewell
  • On The Range
  • Guns & Ammo
  • The Negotiator

Lab Rat’s Tasks

Meds Wanted

Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks Meds Wanted Lawod ss
Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks 11

Lab Rat’s first task is Meds Wanted, in which you need to find the medical supplies at the Water Tower without needing the storeroom key. Make sure you’ve got enough space in your storage to grab the box and head back to base. Once you’ve got it, extract it back home and turn it in to complete this part.

Lost and Found

Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks Lost and Found Lawod ss
Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks 12

Lost and Found is the second task of Lab Rat. In this mission, you will be looking for Kanoa Sinarath. Kanoa can be found just north of the Lumberyard for Mithras Faction, lying face down in a small office amidst some paperwork. Once you find Kanoa, make sure to retrieve the necklace from them as proof of identity before returning to base.

Other Tasks of Lab Rat

  • Secret Compassion
  • Native Negotiations
  • Covert Research

Handshake’s Tasks

Little Bird Down

Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks Little Bird Down Lawod ss
Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks 13

In the Handshake’s second task, called Little Bird Down, you need to locate a crashed helicopter south of the gas station and then investigate a nearby house to find out what happened. Don’t forget to search the body for evidence before heading back to base.

Other Tasks of Handshake

  • First Recon
  • Little Bird Down
  • Restoring Order
  • Rat’s Nest
  • Helping Hand
  • Radio Silence
  • Left Behind
  • First Hit
  • Reclamation
  • New Neighbours
  • The Shadow Over Ban Pa
  • True Grit

Artisan’s Task

  • Tools of the Trade

Turncoat’s Task

  • Uninvited Guests

Mithras Faction Map

Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks Mithras Map Lawod ss
Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks 14

Tasks offered by the Mithras Faction often involve strategic sabotage or intelligence gathering. Completing these tasks improves your tactical positioning against this faction and grants access to exclusive technologies and information.

Crimson Shield Faction Map

Crimson Shield Map Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks Lawod ss
Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks 15

Vendor Tasks assigned by the Crimson Shield Faction typically focus on defense and reinforcement of positions. Players may be asked to fortify specific areas or transport critical supplies under heavy enemy fire, requiring robust defense strategies and efficient use of resources.

Lamang Faction Map

Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks Lamang Map Lawod ss
Gray Zone Warfare Vendor Tasks 16

The Lamang Faction’s tasks are geared towards environmental manipulation and control, such as altering terrain or setting up long-term surveillance. These tasks demand a deep understanding of the game’s environmental mechanics and can significantly alter the strategic landscape if completed successfully.

Vendor Tasks in Gray Zone Warfare go beyond being mere side missions. They play a crucial role in the game, significantly impacting faction relationships, resource availability, and tactical advantages. Understanding the objectives and requirements of each task, and approaching them with strategic thinking and careful planning, allows players to optimize their rewards and fully immerse themselves in the complex world of Gray Zone Warfare. Whether it’s gathering medical supplies, rescuing allies, or recovering lost technology, each task adds depth and excitement to the gaming experience.

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