Greed Review – A Unique Roguelite Game With Mixed Review on Steam

Greed is a roguelite game that offers you the chance to wield multiple weapons and unique spells while battling unknown enemies in challenging environments. You play as Greed, a young and brave warrior who seeks to avenge his sister’s disappearance by unleashing the mystic powers and weapons hidden deep within the mysterious forest.

As you progress and discover treacherous locations and traps, you’ll encounter a horde of monsters determined to stop you in your tracks. Your ultimate goal is to grow stronger, defeat your foes, and emerge victorious in your quest.

Greed Gameplay Features

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Greed Review - A Unique Roguelite Game With Mixed Review on Steam 4

Discover your perfect playstyle by choosing from three unique weapons: the BowDaggers, or Chakram. Each time you fall in battle, you’ll have the chance to come back stronger and more determined to save your sister. 

Along your journey, you’ll encounter powerful spells that will unlock new ways to defeat your enemies. 

Visit the forge to upgrade your weapons and unleash their full potential. 

Travel through three challenging environments, each with its own traps and dangerous monsters that will test your skills and resolve. 

Lawod’s Opinion About Greed

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Greed Review - A Unique Roguelite Game With Mixed Review on Steam 5

Greed reminds much more of Hades, but not in a good way. While it was cool to have different abilities in the game, the levels and gameplay felt like a cheaper version of Hades.

Despite these issues, playing Greed is a lot of fun. Each weapon had a unique feel to it, and the controls were easy to use. The final boss was really challenging, but beating it was satisfying.

Unfortunately, the game didn’t seem to have an ending, or at least we couldn’t figure it out. Also, the achievements didn’t seem to work. The game did have some laggy moments, especially during the final boss fight, but it wasn’t too bad.

Overall, we found Greed is a fun game to play, even though it has some flaws.

Greed PC System Requirements

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Greed Review - A Unique Roguelite Game With Mixed Review on Steam 6

Greed is available on Steam for Windows PC users. The game doesn’t require much in terms of PC specification. Here are the Greed PC system requirements:

    • OS: windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-6300 HQ 2.30ghz
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 950M
    • OS: windows 10
    • Processor: i7-7700 3.6 ghz
    • Graphics: GTX 1060

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