Hearts of Iron No Step Back Released

Civilization is the pioneer of grand strategy games, and none of the games apart from Hearts of Iron managed to offer the same quality gaming experience. Recently, the developer of Hearts of Iron, Paradox Interactive, released an expansion, titled Hearts of Iron No Step Back, to this successful grand strategy game.

If you didn’t play Hearts of Iron yet, then we can say that you are missing a lot, especially if you love grand strategy games. Thus, we have compiled this amazing guide to inform you about the original game and its expansion, No Step Back!


Hearts of Iron and No Step Back

Unlike CivilizationHearts of Iron focuses on a narrow period, which is World War II. The game was developed by Paradox Development Studio and released on June 6, 2016. If you enjoy playing historical strategy games, we believe you are going to like this amazing game. It managed to be popular in a very short time and released its recent expansion a month ago on Steam.

Hearts of Iron No Step Back is the recent expansion launched by the game, and it was released on November 23, 2021. You need to have the original game to play this expansion, obviously. This expansion offers new features where players can deal with the internal affairs of some nations, such as the Soviet UnionPoland, and Baltic nations.

The expansion doesn’t offer many changes in the game’s mechanics. It only introduces new challenges to certain nations that were popular in those times. Besides the internal affairs, the expansion also offers some customization options for troops and new weapons.

If you would like to customize your battle tactics with new strategies and look, No Step Back is a great expansion you may want to enjoy. In addition to this, the logistics system has been upgraded in this expansion too. You can also customize your tanks, from production costs to gun power, from armor to speed. Below you can watch the release trailer of the expansion to see what is new in the game.

Hearts of Iron No Step Back Expansion

Hearts of Iron offers a great gaming experience for players, and No Step Back polishes this experience with new features. In addition to this, it offers additional challenges that people have to cope with.

In short, Hearts of Iron: No Step Back makes the original game more detailed, and if you like the challenge, you should buy and play this expansion with the game.

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