Honor of Kings World Announced By Tencent Games

If you like to play MOBA games, then you might already hear the famous Honor of Kings game! Today, we are going to introduce its open-world action RPG version, the Honor of Kings World. With the recent news, many players are highly excited about the game and what it offers to them.

As you know, the Honor of Kings became highly successful all around the world. Today, the game has more than 100 million active players, and they are all waiting for more! Tencent Games announced that TiMi Studio Group has already started to work on the development.

However, there is not enough information about the exact release date. We believe that the game will be released in 2022, and you should not have any hopes for 2021.

Honor of Kings World Will Be Open-World RPG

The developers only released a single trailer about the game and did not release much about the gameplay. However, considering the original game, which is MOBA, we can expect a high dose of action. On the other hand, they noted that Honor of Kings World will be an AAA open-world role-playing game.

Thus, we are expecting to pick one of the famous characters in the original game and play that character’s storyline. In addition to this, we can also pick our sides and create our own destiny. Although there are uncertainties about the gameplay, we are pretty sure that a fantastic world is waiting for you.

We recommend watching the official trailer published by the developers. No doubt that it is going to amaze you and increase your expectation. We’re sure you’ll find yourself thinking, “too good to be true.”


Could Honor of Kings World Be Released On Mobile?

No one can deny the success of Honor of Kings with 100 million active players in 2021. It is a game that is packed with action and offers a great fun opportunity to players. More importantly, it is a mobile game!

In this regard, Honor of Kings World will be released for the mobile platform too. If you are looking for a fun and advanced game you can play on mobile devices, you may want to follow the updates about Honor of Kings World.

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