How To Unlock the Assessor in Dome Keeper?

The Assessor update to Dome Keeper introduces a new keeper character and a bunch of upgrades that make the game even more fun to play.

Dome Keeper is a roguelike survival miner where players dig tunnels, collect materials, and fend off wave after wave of hostile attacks. The game recently got a new update introducing a character called The Assessor. Here is how you can unlock The Assessor in Dome Keeper.

What is Assessor in Dome Keeper?

The Assessor is a Keeper who uses state-of-the-art equipment to mine and explore. As technologists, they prefer their electromagnetic power pack to The Engineer’s mechanical drill. It can also levitate both the Assessor and their finds, zipping them through tunnels like a jetpack or, better yet, by firing kinetic spheres.
These spheres can disrupt and even disintegrate walls, making them a perfect tool for mining in tight spaces. You can also upgrade them to fire bundles of resources closer to the dome or directly into it if they’re skilled enough.

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How To Unlock the Assessor in Dome Keeper? 2

Unlocking the Assessor in Dome Keeper

To unlock the Assessor, you need to complete the game at least once in Relic Hunt mode on any map size while storing no cobalt and letting enemies reduce your dome’s health to less than 10%. This achievement is easy to get, but it can be a bit frustrating at times as it relies on luck.

Relic Hunt Mode in Dome Keeper

Relic Hunt is an exciting mode where you are tasked with retrieving a hidden relic from deep underground. The relic is linked to multiple nodes, which varies based on the size of the map you choose. To access this mode, you need to start a new game and head over to the Modes tab in the options menu. From there, select the Relic Hunt mode and embark on your adventure.

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