HumanitZ Map and Locations Guide

The HumanitZ map is massive and can be overwhelming to look at. It will take you a long time to explore everything on it. So, there’s a lot to explore in HumanitZ. Here, we’ll show you where the main spawn locations are and where you can find Resources for Crafting and Farming. 

A helpful tip is that groups of buildings usually have more valuable loot, but they can also be dangerous because there may be zombies or other hostile characters in those areas. Some of these locations will have Zeeks and Hostile NPCs, so be careful!

Starter Spawn

HumanitZ Starter Spawn Lawod ss
HumanitZ Map and Locations Guide 4

Starter Spawn is the location where new players start their adventure in HumanitZ. The Starter Spawn location can have a few Points of Interest and some lootable containers, but not guaranteed Crafting or Tool items or a drivable Car. There will be Zeeks nearby, though.

Backpacks that can be easily made at home to carry more items. Tools like hammer and axe that you can create yourself to help with building and crafting. You’ll come across many containers where you can search for items. Also, you’ll always find a vehicle that you can drive nearby. You can even make your own bow and arrows to hunt for food. And if you need help building a rain collector, you can use a tarp to make it easier.

Inland Spawn

The Inland Spawns are not guaranteed to give you Tools or Crafting Supplies, but they are much more likely to have these than the Coast Road Spawns. This makes them a better choice for new players. 

In addition, they reduce the amount of mass suicide by players trying to get to the airfield spawns near Balota. This is also the best place to spawn if you are playing in a group.

This area has some things you may find useful, like containers with items you can take and cars that might be nearby. There’s also a big neighborhood nearby, but be careful because there are zombies all around.

Coast Road Spawn

If you’re looking for a fun and not-too-challenging adventure, you might want to choose the Coast Road Spawn as your starting spawn location. It offers a lot of interesting places to explore that are easy to get to.

At this location, you can find some containers to search for items. You might also find some cars nearby. If you follow the road by the coast, you will come across several interesting places to explore. Just be aware that there are zombies all around, so stay alert!

HumanitZ Road Lawod ss
HumanitZ Map and Locations Guide 5

West Road Spawn

The West Road Spawn offers large towns nearby, which means lots of Points of Interest, but also many Zeeks. 

The West Road Spawn is a place that’s considered quite challenging to navigate through. It’s a location that can be both helpful and dangerous at the same time. On the one hand, you’ll find many chances to discover valuable items in the nearby towns. On the other hand, those same towns can be full of dangers that you need to be careful of.

In this place, you can expect to find some things to loot in nearby containerscars that could be nearby, two big towns in the vicinity, and a lot of zombies roaming around.

Radio Tower

HumanitZ Radio Tower Lawod
HumanitZ Map and Locations Guide 6

The Radio Tower is a crucial spot on the island that you should definitely check out. It’s not where you start the game from, but if you can fix it, you’ll unlock a really useful feature – air drops. These can give you a big boost in HumanitZ, so once you get the hang of things, make repairing the Radio Tower a top priority. You can find the Radio Tower by the ruins at the eastern end of the map.

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