Hyper Light Breaker Release Date

Hyper Light Breaker is one of the promising games that is anticipated by many players

Hyper Light Breaker is one of the amazing action-adventure role-playing games, where you have to overcome numerous challenges. You are going to start a new adventure in a new world, and your main goal is to overthrow the Abyss King to bring the rule to this new planet.

The game is still being developed by Heart Machine, which also developed Hyper Light Drifter, and it is going to be published by Gearbox Publishing. Unfortunately, the publication date is still unknown, and we have covered this in detail in the following sections.

Hyper Light Breaker Story

According to the story of Hyper Light Breaker, you are going to be one of the residents of a planet called Overgrowth. On this planet, you are going to find interesting environments, mysterious crowns, giant monsters, and much more! You need to build a settlement for yourself and free the planet from the rule of the Abyss King.

For this reason, players have to solve the mysteries they are going to encounter, eliminate the minions of the Abyss King, and do whatever it takes to end his rule. Of course, you have to overthrow him to achieve your goal. One of the best parts of Hyper Light Breaker is that you can play the game alone or together with your friends.

Hyper Light Breaker Gameplay

The planet is full of deep labyrinths and open biomes that players have to explore and eliminate all the enemies they find. You can enjoy plenty of amazing mechanics such as wall-dashing and hoverboarding to freely explore the planet and overcome obstacles.

Each mini-adventure you complete will lead to a new one in Hyper Light Breaker. During your adventure, you will also meet new characters and unlock new upgrades for your hub. Do not forget to interact with the new characters you are going to encounter since each of them will have a different story and mission for you.

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When Is Hyper Light Breaker Release Date?

Hyper Light Breaker is one of the promising games that is anticipated by many players. Considering the success of Hyper Light Drifter, players are pretty sure that the game will have plenty of great experiences to offer.

However, the official release date is still unknown. According to the recent announcement, the game is expected to be released somewhere in 2023. You can visit Hyper Light Breaker’s official Steam page to add the game to your wishlist if you want.

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