Idol Manager

Idol Manager is a business simulator and dark comedy game set in the Japanese industry. If you are interested in areas such as management, this game might be a great option for you because it is a very ideal simulation game for managing idols.

Idol Manager Trailer

First of all, it is useful to take a look at the trailer of the game. It will not be easy to manage Idol Talent Agency in this game, where you will struggle with different events that you can see in a Japanese anime series.

Idol Manager Overview

Idol Manager is a business simulation set in the Japanese industry. You will take a manager role in a start-up and try to manage the idol talent agency.

Due to it is a management simulation game, you will be responsible for hiring idols, managing their stamina, their performance training, and even their relationship with each other.

With capital investment, you will start to train your idols and help them to improve their performance skills. Who knows, maybe one day your idols can represent Japan on a world stage.

You should manage your idols’ stamina effectively because too much work can cause injuries. After injuries, idols can require several months of recovery time. You should also hire some coaches to train your idols. The better coaches you hire, the better your idols will have.

There is also money management which is the most important part of the game. The quality of your idols and coaches, the salaries of your employees, upfront costs for events and etc., everything depends on money management.

Idol Manager Had Successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2018

Idol Manager originally started as an indie game on itch.IO. And then, Idol Manager managed to raise 10 times the $5,000 targeted in the Kickstarter campaign launched in 2018. And now it’s released on Steam on July 27 as a full game.

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