Interstellar Roguelike Colony Builder Terraformers Available via Early Access

We have amazing news for city builder simulation genre lovers! Terraformers was recently announced. The game’s early access has already managed to attract plenty of attention and has received pretty positive feedback from the gamers. It seems like it is one of the most promising games that gamers are anticipating for release.

The game is being developed by Switzerland-based Asteroid Lab, a successful indie game development company, and it was published by France-based Goblinz Publishing, which is famous for supporting the release of indie games.

Terraformers In A Nutshell

According to the story of the Terraformers, you land on Mars and have to build a colony here so that mankind can permanently move. There are plenty of resources on the planet, and users have to take advantage of them in the most optimum way to build their colony.

You need to explore this amazing and huge planet, build the required infrastructure to support the increasing population, discover new metals and resources, and use them to expand your colony. You will also start to do business with the companies on earth as you keep increasing the size of your colony.

You will not only be responsible for their colony, but you will also try hard to turn the planet into a place that mankind can call home. For this purpose, you are going to try to increase the oxygen levels, clean the oceans, and create structures and facilities to support the daily life of mankind.

There are many mechanics, such as energy-saving, mining, and food management. However, one of the most notable mechanics is your election to lead the team on Mars for 10 years. In this regard, you have to make the right choice by considering the background and past experience of the candidates. This will significantly affect the course and future of your colony.

Of course, the game also includes futuristic mechanics, which you may love and find useful. For example, you will be able to mine asteroids, produce useful bacteria in labs, shape the land after volcanic eruptions, and control ice asteroids to supply water for your colony and the planet.

Get Terraformers’ Early Access Version on Steam!

The early access of Terraformers is available on Steam and GOG right now. Besides the core game, you can also purchase a supporter edition bundle, which offers additional content and customization. We highly recommend taking a look at this amazing strategy game, where you are going to build your colony on Mars, spread life, and build amazing cities for mankind.

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