Is ARC Raiders Coming to Xbox?

If you were watching last year’s Game Awards, one announcement that might have passed you by was a free-to-play sci-fi shooter called ARC Raiders. Since then, the game has been under development, and Xbox owners are curious whether ARC Raiders is coming to Xbox or not?

ARC Raiders is the debut project from new Stockholm-based Embark Studios, and it sees players battling against a mysterious mechanised threat. It’s the kind of thing that you’d expect to hear more about, especially from a studio led by former EA chief designer Patrick Soderlund.

Soderlund and his team had hoped to release the title by the end of this year. As you know, the game was delayed because the team wants to make sure it is up to par, but it’s disappointing that ARC Raiders has yet to land.

Embark Studios announced the news on Twitter, saying that the extra time will allow them to “expand and enhance the experience” of the PvPvE extraction shooter. 

If we return to the question of whether ARC Raiders will come to the Xbox platform, which is our main topic, we can answer this question as YES. Although the developer Embark Studio has not specified a date, they intend to release the game on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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