King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Characters

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a hybrid between a character-centric role-playing game and a turn-based tactical game. As a result, your characters matter a lot in this dark fantasy game. Needless to say, you have plenty of characters to unlock and include in your team.

One of the notable features of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is that you cannot easily resurrect or heal your characters. Thus, you need to pay attention to their overall condition very well to keep benefiting from their bonuses and abilities.

There are 40 heroes in total, and they are divided into five main groups: Neutral heroes, Tyrant heroes, Christian heroes, Rightful heroes, and Old-faith heroes. Here are all the heroes and their classes in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale:

Neutral Heroes

  • Sir Mordred – Defender
  • Sir Lanval – Champion
  • Sir Kay – Champion
  • Sir Yvain – Marksman
  • Sir Tristan – Vanguard
  • Lady Boudica – Vanguard
  • Sir Bors – Marksman
  • Sir Gawain – Defender

Tyrant Heroes

  • Sir Ector – Arcanist
  • Sir Balin – Vanguard
  • Lady Morgawse – Sage
  • Sir Brunor le Noir – Champion
  • Red Knight – Defender
  • Black Knight – Champion
  • Sir Damas – Marksman
  • Sir Dagonet – Arcanist

Christian Heroes

  • Sir Galahad – Defender
  • Sir Ector – Arcanist
  • Lady Dindraine – Marksman
  • Sir Balin – Vanguard
  • Sir Percivale – Defender
  • White Knight – Champion
  • Sir Lucan – Sage
  • Sir Tegyr – Vanguard
  • Sir Damas – Marksman

Rightful Heroes

  • Sir Pelleas – Defender
  • Sir Balan – Champion
  • Sir Leodegrance – Sage
  • Sir Tegry – Vanguard
  • Lady Guinevere – Sage
  • Sir Lancelot – Champion
  • Sir Geraint – Marksman

Old-faith Heroes

  • Sir Balan – Champion
  • Merlin – Arcanist
  • Sir Dagonet – Arcanist
  • Faerie Knight – Arcanist
  • Lady Isolde – Sage
  • Sir Bedievere – Vanguard
  • Lady Morgana le Fay – Arcanist
  • Sir Geraint – Marksman
King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Characters

How to Unlock King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Characters?

It is pretty straightforward to unlock King Arthur: Knight’s Tale characters. Most of the time, completing certain missions will be enough for you to unlock a particular character. Each character has its own mission requirement. In addition to this, some characters have specific requirements to unlock them. Once you complete their missions and meet these requirements, you can unlock them and make them join your team.

Unfortunately, unlocking all the characters in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will not be possible since you need to choose your side. For this reason, you may have to decide on a good strategy before progressing on any side to unlock as many characters as you can.

There are disputes between different heroes as well. You need to settle these disputes before you create a team, including these heroes. Besides achieving balance in your political and religious decisions, you will have to achieve it among your team as well.

For this purpose, you will have to send heroes who can get along well together on missions to improve their chances of success. It is worth noting that their loyalty depends on many factors as well. If you fail to satisfy or control your heroes, they can turn on you or leave you. So you need to select your heroes carefully. Good luck!

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