King Legacy Codes

King Legacy Codes will provide you cashes, belies, gems, and additional freebies that you might need to become the strongest sailor in the game. With these codes, you can make the game more fun, and you might be one step ahead of your foes.

King Legacy was developed by Thai Piece and initially released on December 17, 2019. It is another Roblox game based on the famous manga and anime series One Piece.

King Legacy Codes 2

How To Redeem King Legacy Codes?

It is pretty easy to redeem codes for Roblox King Legacy. You can get the codes below by following the steps below.

1. Launch Roblox King Legacy Codes,
2. Click the Settings wheel under the Health bar,
3. Write some of the working codes below,
4. After you write the code you want, the reward will appear.

Active King Legacy Codes

Below you can find the most up-to-date King Legacy Codes. We’ll keep updating this list as soon as the game’s publisher releases new codes.

  • 650KLIKES – Stat Reset
  • Peodiz – 100K Cash
  • Cash DinoxLive – 100K Cash
  • UPDATE3.5 – 5 Gems
  • THXFOR1BVISIT – 3 Gems
  • 1MFAV – 5 Gems

Expired King Legacy Codes

Below codes are expired King Legacy Codes. Some active codes will expire when the game’s publisher releases new codes for the game. You can find them below, but these are not working anymore though.

  • Redeem for Cash
    • BeckyStyle – 100K Cash
    • Peodiz – 100K Cash
    • DinoxLive – 100K Cash
    • KingPieceComeBack – 100K Cash
    • 200MVISITS – Redeem for 100K Cash
    • 300KFAV – Redeem for 100K Cash
    • REDBIRD – Redeem for 250K Cash
  • Redeem for Beli
    • 300MVISITS – 100,000 Beli
    • 500KFAV – 100,000 Beli
  • Redeem for Stat Reset
    • 150KLIKES
    • 250KLIKES
    • 400KLIKES
  • Redeem for Gems
    • 900KFAV – 1 Gem
    • 800KFAV – 1 Gem
    • 700KFAV – 1 Gem
    • 600KFAV – 1 Gem
    • GasGas – 1 Gem
    • Brachio – 1 Gem
    • Update2_17 – 3 Gems
    • NewDragon – 3 Gems
    • Update2_16 – 5 Gems

You can find more codes for your favorite Roblox game in the Game Codes category on Lawod.

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