Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign Released 

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign is a strategy game developed and published by Electronic Arts. It is available only for PCs on Steam, Epic Games, and GOG.

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign is a historical strategy game in the grand tradition of games such as Civilization. The game allows you to create your own empires and manage their destinies. The game takes place in medieval times, and your goal is to become the supreme ruler of Spain. It has a lot of replay value and offers several ways to win.

In summary, Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign is a game where you take on the role of a king and conquer and rule over a variety of nations. You have to carefully run your lands if you want to grow them, keep them safe, and conquer new ones.

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Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign Released  3

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign Overview

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign is a grand strategy game published by THQ Nordic. It is set in medieval Europe, with hundreds of historical kingdoms taking control. Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign has a great medieval setting, a realistic royal court, and plenty of politics and diplomacy. Players can manage their own provinces and army and use a variety of tools to build an empire from scratch.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is an extremely impressive RTS game. Its historical accuracy and modern presentation create a highly enjoyable experience.

The gameplay of Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign focuses heavily on politics and culture. There are several paths to victory, and each requires a bit of flexibility.

In its gameplay, you can choose to play in either Campaign or Multiplayer mode. In the Campaign mode, you select a Kingdom from a specific period, then start building and developing your kingdom. As you gain resources, you can expand your empire. 

Or you can play the game with a friend in Multiplayer mode. The game offers multiplayer with up to 6 people and a variety of game modes:

  • Conquer the medieval globe in co-op.
  • Fight each other in teams.
  • Play free-for-all games.

There are also five classes in the game, each with its own specialties. You can build provinces, create and send knights on missions, and manage the diplomatic relations in your kingdom. 

These skills will help you keep your country safe from enemies. However, you will need to deal with spies and rebellions in your own lands.

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign Lawod ss
Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign Released  4

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign Available Platforms

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign has been available on PC through Steam, Epic Games, and GOG since December 6, 2022. If you want to give it a try, you can get the game for $44.99 at the abovementioned stores.

There is no official announcement about its console release yet, and we don’t expect to see KOH 2 on Switch either.

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