Konami’s Newly Released Mobile Game – EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy 

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is one of the notable games in the mobile gaming industry. Considering that it was developed and published by Konami, it is no surprise that it became very popular in a very short time. Thus, we wanted to compile this guide for you, where you can learn every detail about the game. 

In the following sections, you are going to learn more about the game itself, its gameplay, and who may really enjoy it. In addition to this, we have shared detailed information about the system requirements. The game is available on the Android and iOS application stores, which you can download for free right now. 

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Overview 

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy is an amazing bird’s-view action role-playing game. It offers players a great manga fantasy and plenty of characters to choose from. As you can play multiplayer, players can also enjoy the storyline of the game. 

Without a doubt, the game offers an amazing hack and slash experience to mobile players. In addition to this, you will find hundreds of cosmetics, which will help you customize your character the way you want. Additionally, players will find hundreds of weapons that offer unique combat mechanics and styles. 

The game is available in eleven languages, and depending on the game mode you choose, your gameplay will vary. Players can choose to follow the storyline and help Hiro Mashima achieve his goals. 

In addition to this, they can also prefer to play arena mode and compete against other players from all around the world. You will be building your own crew and challenging other players to rank higher on the leaderboard. 

Who May Enjoy EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy? 

If you are looking for a great role-playing game on your mobile device, then EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy may be a great option for you. In addition to this, we believe that hack and slash lovers will definitely enjoy the game. Since it is a free-to-play game, EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy will appeal to a wide audience all around the world. 

In this amazing game, players will constantly defeat powerful enemies, challenge their skills and reflexes, and enjoy high-quality visuals. Moreover, we bet manga lovers will really love the graphics of the game. If you have played other games of Hiro Mashima, this game may be the best game for you as well. 

Konamis Newly Released Mobile Game – EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy lawod ss

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy System Requirements 

If you are an Android user, you need Android 9.0 or later to play EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy. In addition to this, make sure that you have 4 GB of RAM or more to run the game without any problems. However, Konami notes that some Android models are not supported as well. 

On the other hand, if you are an iOS user, you need at least iOS 13 or later versions to install EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy. Unfortunately, the game does not support iPhone models that are older than the iPhone 6s. You can also play the game on all iPad models, but the iPad touch is not supported. 

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