League of Legends Fighting Game Project L – What We Know So Far

League of Legends excited its fans at their 10th anniversary by talking about a fighting game they are working on. This amazing game is under development by Radiant Entertainment, which was acquired by Riot Games in 2016. In fact, the game is basically a copy of a canceled game called Rising Thunder.

These days, players who visit the headquarters of Riot Games may have a chance to test this fun game. In addition to this, Riot Games is releasing new trailers and news about the game all the time. Although it looks promising, it seems like players have to wait for a while to play it.

Project L is the term that refers to the untitled game of the League of Legends. Riot Games decided to release a fighting game that will be full of their characters. In recent years, Riot Games has been trying to keep its fan base as large as possible and compensate the players they lose all around the world.

As a result of these efforts, the company announced its new game at a very early time. They have not even decided the name of the game yet. However, it already created anticipation in many League of Legends fans from all around the world.


When Is Project L Release Date?

Unfortunately, Riot Games cannot tell any exact release date for their game yet. In fact, the developers and team leaders constantly talk about how difficult it is to develop a fighting game. Because most of the artwork is already available, such explanations raise question marks on the mind of people.

In addition to this, the fans should wait for at least a year to play this game. Considering that we are at the beginning of the new year, it is quite a long time for players to wait for an unnamed game. We hope that things will go as planned for the developers so that they will not have to postpone the release date once again.

Which Champions Will Be in Project L?

Since the game is quite new and even the developers are unsure about the course of the project, we do not know too much about Project L. However, Riot Games released a few videos and teasers to create anticipation for players, which worked in most of the young audience.

According to footage on these videos and teasers, we are pretty sure that Project L will include Ahri, Darius, Ekko, Jinx, and Katarina for now.

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