Lies of P Bosses Guide - Every Boss You Can Encounter in Lies of P

As with any self-respecting Soulslike, Lies of P offers you a variety of challenging bosses to overcome. These bosses serve different purposes, some of which facilitate your progress in the game, while others are entirely optional but offer you valuable rewards and upgrades.

Lies of P is a challenging game that features a variety of boss fights designed to test your combat skills and weapon mastery. Winning these battles often results in rewards such as unique costumes, weapons, throwable items, and Quartz.

Lies of P is a dark retelling of Carlo Collodi’s classic fable and is set in Krat, a bustling city infested with lethal puppets. During the campaign, you will face several formidable opponents, including Parade Master, Laxasia, and Simon Manus. Here are the bosses you will encounter in Lies of P:

Door Guardian

door guardian lies of p lawod ss edited
Lies of P Bosses Guide 11

Door Guardian is the first boss you encounter and acts as a kind of tutorial as it introduces you to the game’s combat system. 

Door Guardian uses telegraphed attacks and is easy to spot, making him an ideal beginner boss. However, he also uses heavy-hitting attacks that can knock you back even when parried and deals Overheat damage with every hit. He is one of the toughest bosses in Lies of P

If you want to fight him, make sure your gear is up to par before engaging in battle and keep in mind that defeating him will reward you with a rare Ergo.

Champion Victor

champion victor lies of p lawod ss
Lies of P Bosses Guide 12

Champion Victor is one of the early bosses you will face in Lies of P, and it’s a fairly tough fight at that. This humanoid hero will challenge your skills and test your gear. Like most other bosses, he has an impressive amount of health and can deal serious damage.

His moveset consists of various punches and uppercuts strung together in combos. To avoid his combos, stay at a distance and dodge when he lunges forward or jumps in. He will also stomp his feet on the ground, so it is a good idea to dodge or run backward to avoid getting hit.

He has a special attack where he starts to glow red and lifts one of his arms up for a powerful slam. To counter this, equip a weapon that applies Overheat or the Legion Arm called Flamberge, which greatly facilitates blocking attacks.

Corrupted Parade Master

corrupted parade master lies of p lawod ss
Lies of P Bosses Guide 13

As the story unfolds in Krat, things begin to get worse, and it’s not only the puppets that are affected. After you pass through Krat Central Station and its surroundings for the second time, you’ll receive an emergency transmission stating that Hotel Krat is under siege. Upon arrival, you’ll find that the Parade Master is back, but this time in corrupted form and able to spread decay.

The Corrupted Parade Master has many of the same basic attacks as its regular variant, but you will need to prioritize damage over speed in order to defeat it. Equip a weapon with high damage-dealing potential, such as a greatsword or the Flamberge Legion Arm, and consider bringing Thermites and Special Purification Ampoules to the battle.

This boss fight is also particularly tricky because it will often spawn smaller enemies that must be killed before the Parade Master can attack. Ensure that you’re keeping your distance from him and watch for his haymaker attack, in which it will run towards you with its tentacled hand in the air.

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Black Rabbit Brotherhood lies of p lawod ss
Lies of P Bosses Guide 14

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood is a group of stalkers that you will encounter in the Malum District. The group consists of four siblings, with each brother having his own unique attacks and abilities. This fight can be tough at first but can become much easier once you have a good strategy down.

The Eldest is a lumbering man in a rabbit gas mask who wields a buster sword. He has a few basic attack combos, including Diagonal Swings and a heavy hit that he can perform by jumping into the air and slashing down. He can also perform a spin attack where he does four 360-degree swings that you should dodge.

The leader of the group, Eldest, can make a powerful attack that makes him vulnerable for a short time. It’s best to either block this move or run away, as it can take a while for him to recover. Also, he can sneak up behind you and attack, so it’s best to keep him away from his allies.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus

lies of p fallen bishop andreus lawodjpg
Lies of P Bosses Guide 15

Fallen Archbishop Andreus is one of the tougher bosses in Lies of P and can throw you a bit of a loop if you aren’t prepared to face his full fury. With a little bit of patience and good strategy, though, you should be able to take down this grotesque beast without too much trouble.

As a Monstrous-type enemy, the Archbishop is particularly susceptible to Overheat and Shock damage. For this reason, a weapon imbued with those effects is especially useful against him. The Legion Arm–Flamberge is a great option for this, but even a simple Steel Sword or the Electric Coil Stick can help make him easier to deal with.

Green Monster of the Swamp

Green Monster of the Swamp lies of p lawod ss
Lies of P Bosses Guide 16

The Green Monster of the Swamp is one of the hardest bosses in Lies of P, and it’s not a fight that should be taken lightly. This menacing puppet boss is located in the Barren Swamp Nest, and it is a mandatory encounter.

It will dig into the ground and rush toward you, a behavior that can be avoided by rolling away when it’s coming up. It can also spit a corrosive substance that inflicts decay. Its tentacle-like extensions can also grab you, so you should be cautious of that.

When fighting the Green Monster of the Swamp, you should make sure that your weapon is upgraded and carry a Friendship Wishstone to extend the lifespan of any summoned allies. 

This boss also uses a charge attack that involves running forward three times and ending with a side leap, so it’s important to be able to dodge this move.

King of Puppets

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Lies of P Bosses Guide 17

After defeating the large mechanical Puppet in the Estella Opera House, the King of Puppets will reveal his true form – Romeo. This two-phase fight is one of the toughest in the entire game and requires a solid grasp of combat tactics.

During the first phase, the King of Puppets uses large swinging strikes and spinning slamming attacks that require you to block or parry to avoid damage. You should always make sure their Spectre is up-to-date and ready to help, and prioritize weapon and Amulet parts that boost physical damage reduction and dodge rate.

Once the King of Puppets enters the second phase, his arms will start to rotate like propellers, and he will slam himself into the ground for a Furious Attack. This attack is easily avoided by staying behind the boss and waiting for his arm sweeps to end before attacking. He also has a red unblockable sweep with both of his arms, which should be dodged or blocked.

Simon Manus Arm of God and Simon Manus Awakened God

Simon Manus Arm of God lies of p lawod ss
Lies of P Bosses Guide 18

Simon Manus is a powerful boss in Lies of P game. He has three versions – Simon Manus Arm of GodSimon Manus Awakened God, and Simon Manus NPC. If you defeat any of these versions, you can get a rare resource called Ergo, which is very valuable. You can exchange Ergo for special Weapons and Amulets in the game. So, defeating a boss like Simon Manus can be very rewarding for players.

Fight against Simon Manus in his Arm of God form has two phases, and you need to be conservative with your Pulse Cells. 

Simon wields a large and heavy mace, which moves a little slower but has a long reach. He also sweeps the weapon around the area. After each attack, there is a brief period of pause, which you can use to attack him aggressively and deny him the opportunity to retaliate. You can also leap at him and attack to stagger him and open an opportunity to deal a Fatal attack.

Simon has additional powers in the second phase, named Simon Manus Awakened God, including the ability to deal with ranged attacks. You will need to keep moving to avoid getting caught in his large-scale ranged attacks, as they can inflict Disruption, which can cause instant death. Deal charged attacks whenever possible to stagger him and follow with a Fatal attack. Focus on dodging and parrying so you can continue to approach and attack to deplete his health until the fight is cleared.

Laxasia The Complete

Laxasia The Complete lies of p lawod ss
Lies of P Bosses Guide 19

Laxasia is a powerful boss with two fight phases. She can afflict Electric Shock with her weapon and has a large great sword swing that adds an electric shock to her regular melee attacks. Her attacks consist of long combinations that are unpredictable during the first encounter, so familiarize yourself with their patterns. 

Her basic moves are slow, allowing you to dodge as her attack animation begins. Look out for her charged attacks, which provide an opportunity for you to retaliate with a Fatal Attack. The second phase of the fight will begin once you clear her HP.

The main trick for this fight is learning her moves and how to parry them. For instance, her long-range attacks will fire 6 lightning balls that can be perfect defended against. She also has an attack that sees her rushing forward while shielding herself, which can be dodged by moving around behind her. Her forking lighting attack should also be avoided by staying away from her and running when she starts swinging.

Nameless Puppet

nameless puppet lies of p lawod ss
Lies of P Bosses Guide 20

Nameless Puppet is the game’s true final boss and can only be fought after defeating Simon Manus Awakened God, and refusing to give Geppetto your heart. The fight consists of two phases, and lies played during the previous encounters will play a major role in the outcome of this battle.

The Nameless Puppet is a fast enemy that uses swords for attacks, sometimes transforming into a greatsword for increased damage. Its base combo consists of a series of sword slashes. This can be avoided by blocking or parrying, but it’s best to keep your guard up at all times to reduce the amount of damage you take.

This is a tough enemy that’s not easily beaten, but with determination and good defensive tactics, it’s a battle you can win. Perfecting your blocking skills and using defensive Legion Arms like the Aegis will make this battle much easier. Also, keeping your shield up for a few seconds after each attack will let you dish out some heavy damage to the Puppet.

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