Lunacid – Preview of The New Indie Dungeon Crawler

Lunacid is a first-person dungeon crawler inspired by old FROMSOFT games like Shadow Tower and King's Field. It was developed by KIRA LLC and released as Early Access on Steam for PC in March of 2022.

Lunacid is a first-person dungeon crawler role-playing indie game inspired by old FROMSOFT Games like Shadow Tower and King’s Field. It is the latest game from Kira, developer of acclaimed indie games like Lost in Vivo and Midnight Mode.

Lunacid is a fun and challenging experience with a unique blend of genres that will appeal to a wide audience. The game features a unique take on the Metroidvania genre, with dedicated blocking, classes, stat leveling, and cryptic flavor text. Its challenging difficulty will keep players coming back for more, and its non-linear level design will encourage exploration.

Moreover, its hand-drawn art style gives the game a distinct look that will make it stand out among other indie titles. However, some of the game’s flaws include a faulty HUD that often ends up outside of the screen boundaries and enemies that can shoot through walls and obstacles.

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Lunacid - Preview of The New Indie Dungeon Crawler 2

Story is Entertaining

Lunacid‘s story is set in a fantasy world poisoned by a mysterious fog. It follows the tale of a young girl named Luna, who sets out to find her missing father. Her quest takes her through a vast and treacherous landscape, where she encounters strange creatures and unearths ancient ruins.

The game’s story begins long ago when a great beast rose from the sea and covered the world in a strange fog that reshaped everything it touched. Those deemed undesirable were thrown into a great well, which became a pit of darkness and chaos. You are now one of the undead tossed into this great well for unknown crimes. Your goal is to find your way out of this dark realm and confront the sleeping old one below.

Non-Linear Levels with Action-Based Soundtrack

The game’s non-linear level design encourages exploration and rewards players for discovering hidden areas and secrets. The world of Lunacid is beautiful and immersive, with lush environments and detailed characters. The lighting changes in real time, creating a sense of realism that draws players into the game’s world.

In addition, the game’s soundtrack is dynamic and changes based on the player’s actions. This creates a unique and engaging experience that makes playing Lunacid more exciting and rewarding. The game also features a wide variety of enemies and obstacles that add a challenge to the gameplay.

A Pile of Weapons and Character Customization

The game is played from a first-person perspective, involving exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat. In addition, the game’s non-linear level design encourages players to explore and discover secrets. The gameplay in Lunacid includes a variety of challenges, including challenging enemy and boss battles.

The game features a unique visual style combining hand-drawn art and 3D modeling. The game also has a haunting musical score and ambient sound effects. This creates a sense of immersion and mystery in the game.

In addition to allowing the player to customize their characters, Lunacid also features a wide range of weapons and armor, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. These weapons can be acquired through crafting or bought from shops. They can also be enchanted to increase their power and effectiveness. The player’s character’s base stats are determined by the class they choose, but additional points can be invested to increase their strength, defense, agility, and intelligence.

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Lunacid - Preview of The New Indie Dungeon Crawler 3

There Are Some Problems To Be Fixed

While the game has many things to love, it has some bugs and issues. For example, some players have reported stuttering and FPS drops. These issues can be annoying and may interfere with your gaming experience.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to fix them. In addition, some of the game’s UI elements aren’t fully optimized for the latest display resolutions. This could cause the HUD to end up outside the screen boundaries. To remedy this, you can use a third-party solution such as SuicideMachine’s Ultrawidescreen Fix until the developer fixes these issues.

If you want to give Lunacid a shot, you can find it on Steam. It should be noted that the game is still in early access, so you may encounter some problems to be fixed. If you want to discover more video games like Lunacid, stay tuned to Lawod and follow us on Twitter and YouTube.

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